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  1. Gender gaps in political science journals
  2. Discerning "fake news" and the importance of news sources
  3. How interaction with immigrant populations affects perceptions of immigration policy
  4. Attitudes toward campus diversity in the United States: Case of the US Naval Army
  5. Explanations for the lack of racial/Ethnic faculty diversity in higher education
  6. How Trump's rhetoric affects the U.S. image abroad
  7. How personal attributes affect voter preferences: Case of Japan
  8. The differences in policy preferences between voters and parties
  9. Examining America's role in Japan's economic miracle
  10. Examining prior research on the effect of rainfall on voting
  11. How media frames of terrorist threat affect refugee resettlement policy
  12. Relationship between mandatory voting and class representation: Case of Venezuela
  13. The effect of voter mobilization tactics: Case of Japan
  14. The reduced incumbency advantage in Japan
  15. How local government reform affects Japanese elections
  16. Effect of the 2000 Palestinian Intifada on Israel's economy
  17. How foreign aid affects foreign public opinion
  18. Party leader survival rate and succession
  19. How smiling affects candidate electability
  20. How foreign public opinion affects U.S. foreign policy
  21. Detecting electoral fraud: Case of Japan's 2003 municipal elections
  22. Political origins of agricultural protectionism in Japan
  23. Local level politics in Japan
  24. The effect of foreign visits in U.S. leadership and foreign policy
  25. Pork-barrel politics in South Korea
  26. Design and analysis of randomized experiments
  27. Election and voter mechanisms in Japanese elections
  28. Global perspectives on U.S. foreign policy
  29. Relationships between inequality in income and representation
  30. Consequences of electoral reform in Japan