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  1. Small Semi-Thue System Universal with Respect to the Termination Problem
  2. Preface
  3. Approximation of Riemann’s Zeta Function by Finite Dirichlet Series: A Multiprecision Numerical Approach
  4. A parallel algorithm for calculation of determinants and minors using arbitrary precision arithmetic
  5. Еще одно представление для суммы величин, обратных к нетривиальным нулям дзета-функции Римана
  6. Enlarging the Scope of Applicability of Successful Techniques for Automated Reasoning in Mathematics
  7. Preface
  8. Альтернативы формуле Эйлера - Маклорена для вычисления бесконечных сумм
  9. On post correspondence problem for letter monotonic languages
  10. Existential arithmetization of Diophantine equations
  11. Matiyasevich theorem
  12. Computation Paradigms in Light of Hilbert's Tenth Problem
  13. Tree inclusion problems
  14. Preface
  15. Multiple serial episodes matching
  16. Window Subsequence Problems for Compressed Texts
  17. Decision problems for semi-Thue systems with a few rules
  18. Hilbert’s Tenth Problem and Paradigms of Computation
  19. Elimination of quantifiers from arithmetical formulas defining recursively enumerable sets
  20. Some probabilistic restatements of the Four Color Conjecture
  21. Biography of A.O. Slissenko
  22. Один вероятностный эквивалент гипотезы четырех красок
  23. Preface
  24. Window-accumulated subsequence matching problem is linear
  25. Some arithmetical restatements of the Four Color Conjecture
  26. Hilbert’s tenth problem: what was done and what is to be done
  27. Solving word equations modulo partial commutations
  28. Window-accumulated subsequence matching problem is linear
  29. Some decision problems for traces
  30. Solving trace equations using lexicographical normal forms
  31. Definability and decidability issues in extensions of the integers with the divisibility predicate
  32. Preface
  33. On some mathematical logic contributions to rewriting techniques: Lost heritage
  34. Word problem for Thue systems with a few relations
  35. A direct method for simulating partial recursive functions by Diophantine equations
  36. Interval Computations as Propagation of Constraints
  37. What Divisibility Properties Do Generalized Harmonic Numbers Have?