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  1. Nurse managers' support during organizational change and nurses' organizational commitment: A cross-sectional study using nurses' career stage
  2. Development of a Group Organizational Learning Activity Inventory for the Implementation and Sustainability of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
  3. Relationship between Unit-Level Nurses' Expectations from Nursing Assistant Roles and Individual Nursing Assistants’ Information-Sharing Behaviors: A Multilevel Mediation Analysis
  4. Organizational Approaches and Management Keys in Supporting Nurses during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  5. Nursing management for temporary lodging facilities in Japan in the early stages of the COVID ‐19 pandemic: A multiple‐case study
  6. Perceived impact of nurse turnover on the organization: A Delphi study on managers of nursing
  7. Diversity Climate Can Enhance Communication and Psychological Empowerment among Part-time Nurses
  8. Working Conditions and Fatigue in Japanese Shift Work Nurses: A Cross-sectional Survey
  9. Certified nurse specialists in cancer nursing and prophylactic antiemetic prescription for chemotherapy patients
  10. The relationship between nursing groups’ organizational socialization and nurses’ perception of organizational learning subprocesses: a cross-sectional study in hospital wards
  11. Exploring nurses' clinical reasons for bed transfers in acute care wards: An observational study
  12. Disability weights measurement for 17 diseases in Japan: A survey based on medical professionals
  13. Nursing assistants' desired roles, perceptions of nurses' expectations and effect on team participation: A cross‐sectional study
  14. Relationship Between Teams’ Leader–Member Exchange Characteristics and Psychological Outcomes for Nurses and Nurse Managers: A Cross-Sectional Study in Japan
  15. The lasting impacts of work-attendance decisions of health care employees under uncertainty
  16. The influence of learning circumstances and on‐the‐job opportunities for professional growth on perceived person–environment fit among hospital nurses: A longitudinal study
  17. Relationships between the components of nurse managers’ transformational leadership and organisational learning subprocesses in a hospital ward: A cross‐sectional study
  18. Understanding and measuring nurses’ professionalism: Development and validation of the Nurses’ Professionalism Inventory
  19. Quality of work among part‐time nurses and its relationship to job satisfaction and work values: A cross‐sectional study
  20. Frontline nurse managers’ visions for their units: A qualitative study
  21. Relationship between nurses' perceptions of nursing assistant roles and information‐sharing behaviors: A cross‐sectional study
  22. What are the real causes of nursing director burnout?
  23. Implementing Appearance-Care Research for Breast Cancer Patient into Routine Clinical Practice