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  1. Politics of the Thaw at the Crossroads of Internationalism
  2. Decolonization and the Identity Formation of North Korean Artists
  3. Loci and the Flying Horse: A Mass Culture Project in the Age of Chollima
  4. A Utopia of Self-Reliance: Dazhai and the Mutation of Global Capitalism in Maoist China
  5. Literati Lenses: Wenren Landscape in Chinese Cinema of the Mao Era (Review)
  6. Building North Korean Art: Pen Varlen/Pyŏn Wŏllyong and Ethnic Networks amid the Cold War
  7. The Individual as a Site of Modernity and the Transnational Webs of Modern Art
  8. Defying the Division of Labour: Lee Wan and the Made-In-Series