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  1. How the leading Chinese real estate brokerage transformed into a digital platform business
  2. Turning disruption into growth opportunity: the red team strategy
  3. Will Baidu’s “All in AI” Strategy Bring It Back to the High-Speed Growth Train?
  4. Pattern versus level: a new look at the personality-entrepreneurship relationship
  5. Enriching innovation ecosystems: The role of government in a university science park
  6. Building business models through simple rules
  7. How shared leadership and team personality composition interact to improve entrepreneurial team performance
  8. The double-edged sword of government role in innovation systems: A case study in the development of policy-led University Science Parks in China
  9. How Internet companies use the free business model to overpower competitors
  10. Corporate governance and organizational survival under punctuational change
  11. The Challenges of Chinese Outward Investment in Developed Countries: The Case of CITIC Pacific's Sino Iron Project in Australia
  12. Exploration and exploitation: The different impacts of two types of Japanese business group network on firm innovation and global learning
  13. The Paradigm Shift in Organizational Research
  14. Innovation and location in the multinational firm
  15. An E-Titan's Evolving Strategy and Business Model
  16. Segmenting the mature travel market by motivation
  17. Why is R&D Internationalization in Japanese Firms so Low? A Path-Dependent Explanation
  18. Japan’s R&D Internationalization and its Institutional Environment
  19. The Paradigm Shift in Organizational Research
  20. A Broken Supply and Social Chain