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  1. Testing previously proposed models of the Tonic Immobility Scale in a peritraumatic sample of Israeli civilians: Support for a three-factor model.
  2. Peritraumatic reactions during the COVID-19 pandemic – The contribution of posttraumatic growth attributed to prior trauma
  3. Psychological distress related to COVID-19 – The contribution of continuous traumatic stress
  4. Sexual Dysfunction and Distress Among Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors: The Role of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  5. Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Motivations – The Role of Dissociation
  6. Chronic Pain and Premature Aging – The Moderating Role of Physical Exercise
  7. Impostorism, subjective age, and perceived health among aging veterans
  8. Identification With the Aggressor and Inward and Outward Aggression in Abuse Survivors
  9. Sexual Functioning Among Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors From an Attachment Perspective
  10. Punishing the Self: Post-Traumatic Guilt Mediates the Link Between Trauma and Deficient Pain Modulation
  11. The aging of heroes: Posttraumatic stress, resilience and growth among aging decorated veterans
  12. Psychopathology among adult survivors of child pornography
  13. Knowing the Abuser Inside and Out: The Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Identification With the Aggressor Scale
  14. Post-Traumatic Growth, Dissociation, and Sexual Revictimization in Female Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors
  15. Sexual satisfaction in spouses of ex-POWs: The role of PTSD symptoms and self-differentiation
  16. Reenacting Past Abuse – Identification with the Aggressor and Sexual Revictimization
  17. Perceived social support, loneliness, and later life telomere length following wartime captivity.
  18. Domestic Abuse and Forgiveness among Military Spouses
  19. Twofold trauma exposure – the dual function of attachment avoidance
  20. The traumatized body: Long-term PTSD and its implications for the orientation towards bodily signals
  21. Telomere Length and Depression Among Ex-Prisoners of War: The Role of Subjective Age
  22. Reciprocal associations of pain and post-traumatic stress symptoms after whiplash injury: A longitudinal, cross-lagged study
  23. Two-Track Differentiation Paradigm in Psychotherapy
  24. Torturing personification of chronic pain among torture survivors
  25. Secondary Traumatization and Differentiation Among the Wives of Former POWs: A Reciprocal Association
  26. Posttraumatic Growth and Dyadic Adjustment among War Veterans and their Wives
  27. Self-Disclosing Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Couples: A Longitudinal Study
  28. A randomized controlled trial of brief Somatic Experiencing for chronic low back pain and comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms
  29. Dysfunctional Pain Modulation in Torture Survivors: The Mediating Effect of PTSD
  30. Auditory hallucinations and PTSD in ex-POWS
  31. The cycle of healing - dissociation and attachment during treatment of CSA survivors
  32. Keeping a healthy distance: Self-differentiation and perceived health among ex-prisoners-of-war's wives
  33. Posttraumatic Growth and Shattered World Assumptions Among Ex-POWs: The Role of Dissociation
  34. World Assumptions Among Wives of Former Prisoners of War
  35. Attachment and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Multiple Trauma Samples
  36. Posttraumatic growth and perceived health: The role of posttraumatic stress symptoms.
  37. Secondary traumatization and attachment among wives of former POWs: a longitudinal study
  38. Attachment security and pain — The disrupting effect of captivity and PTSS
  39. Somatic Complaints and Attachment in Former Prisoners of War: A Longitudinal Study
  40. The role of ex-POWs’ PTSD symptoms and trajectories in wives’ secondary traumatization.