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  1. Radiance-based assessment of bulk microphysics models with seven hydrometeor species in forecasting Super-typhoon Lekima (2019) near landfall
  2. A Comparison of Spectral Bin Microphysics versus Bulk Parameterization in Forecasting Typhoon In-Fa (2021) before, during, and after Its Landfall
  3. A Comparison of Convective and Stratiform Precipitation Microphysics of the Record-breaking Typhoon In-Fa (2021)
  4. Precipitation characteristics of typhoon Lekima (2019) at landfall revealed by joint observations from GPM satellite and S-band radar
  5. Assessing the Effect of Riming on Snow Microphysics: The First Observational Study in East China
  6. Precipitation Microphysical Processes in the Inner Rainband of Tropical Cyclone Kajiki (2019) over the South China Sea Revealed by Polarimetric Radar
  7. Precipitation Microphysics and Rainfall Retrieval in Three Typical Regions of Western Pacific
  8. Improving Radar Rainfall Estimations with Scaled Raindrop Size Spectra in Mei-Yu Frontal Rainstorms
  9. Precipitation microphysics associated with East Asian Summer Monsoon Rainband
  10. Air pollution enhances the Mei-Yu frontal precipitation
  11. Validation of GPM satellite precipitation products over Jianghuai region
  12. Precipitaion microphysics over western Pacific