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  1. Transformation of images captured by ultra-wide-angle lenses
  2. Accuracy of Relative Navigation Using Time-of-Flight Cameras
  3. The Problem of Forming a Cover of the Uncertainty Area by Reference Images for Optical Navigation Systems
  4. Multiresolution in optical navigation systems of space vehicles
  5. Power of optical radiation received by a television camera reflected by a retroreflector
  6. Systematic errors of distance measurement when docking spacecraft.
  7. Shoreline map navigation errors
  8. Horizon Line Stability
  9. TV system for navigation and guidance
  10. Precision estimation of camera position measurement based on docking marker observation
  11. Accuracy of Measuring Camera Position by Marker Observation
  12. A Cramer-Rao bound for the measurement accuracy of motion parameters and the accuracy of reconstruction of a surface profile observed by a binocular vision system