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  1. I forgot that you existed: Role of memory accessibility in the gender citation gap.
  2. Interventions to promote retrieval practice: Strategy knowledge predicts intent, but perceived cost predicts usage.
  3. What is meant by “growth mindset”? Current theory, measurement practices, and empirical results leave much open to interpretation: Commentary on Macnamara and Burgoyne (2023) and Burnette et al. (2023).
  4. Interleaving Retrieval Practice Promotes Science Learning
  5. Learning Styles, Classroom Instruction, and Student Achievement
  6. Introduction
  7. Not just stimuli structure: Sequencing effects in category learning vary by task demands.
  8. Using pretests to improve conceptual learning
  9. Does the interleaving effect extend to unrelated concepts? Learners’ beliefs versus empirical evidence.
  10. Google as Teacher
  11. Appropriate failure to create effective learning
  12. The world as we see it