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  1. Compositional Data Analysis (CoDA) as a tool to study the (paleo)ecology of coccolithophores from coastal-neritic settings off central Portugal
  2. Proportionality: A Valid Alternative to Correlation for Relative Data
  3. Modelling and Analysis of Compositional Data
  4. Differential effects of genetic vs. environmental quality inDrosophila melanogastersuggest multiple forms of condition dependence
  5. Tools for compositional data with a total
  6. Variation diagrams to statistically model the behavior of geochemical variables: Theory and applications
  7. Proportionality: a valid alternative to correlation for relative data
  8. Bayes Hilbert Spaces
  9. Analysis of Total Abundances of Phytoplankton Compositions in a River
  10. Compositional Data Analysis in Population Studies
  11. Bayes spaces: use of improper distributions and exponential families
  12. Compositional Data Analysis
  13. Principal balances to analyse the geochemistry of sediments
  14. Basic Concepts and Procedures
  15. Geostatistics for Compositions
  16. Notes on the Scaled Dirichlet Distribution
  17. The Principle of Working on Coordinates
  18. Balance-dendrogram. A new routine of CoDaPack
  19. Kolmogorov–Smirnov test for spatially correlated data
  20. A Critical Approach to Probability Laws in Geochemistry
  21. Another Look at the Chemical Relationships in the Dissolved Phase of Complex River Systems
  22. Indicator Kriging without Order Relation Violations
  23. Kriging Regionalized Positive Variables Revisited: Sample Space and Scale Considerations
  24. The Skew-Normal Distribution on the Simplex
  25. The effect of scale in daily precipitation hazard assessment
  26. Statistical evaluation of compositional changes in volcanic gas chemistry: a case study
  27. Hilbert Space of Probability Density Functions Based on Aitchison Geometry
  28. Compositional data and their analysis: an introduction
  29. Simplicial geometry for compositional data
  30. Frequency distributions and natural laws in geochemistry
  31. Discriminating geodynamical regimes of tin ore formation using trace element composition of cassiterite: the Sikhote'Alin case (Far Eastern Russia)
  32. Foreword: Advances in Compositional Data
  33. New Perspectives on Water Chemistry and Compositional Data Analysis
  34. Groups of Parts and Their Balances in Compositional Data Analysis
  35. Some Basic Concepts of Compositional Geometry
  36. Latent Compositional Factors in The Llobregat River Basin (Spain) Hydrogeochemistry
  37. Subcompositional Patterns in Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks of Hungary
  38. Scale effect in hazard assessment - application to daily rainfall
  39. Relative vs. absolute statistical analysis of compositions: A comparative study of surface waters of a Mediterranean river
  40. Wave-height hazard analysis in Eastern Coast of Spain - Bayesian approach using generalized Pareto distribution
  41. The additive logistic skew-normal distribution on the simplex
  42. Composition and Discrimination of Sandstones: A Statistical Evaluation of Different Analytical Methods
  43. Some comments on compositional data analysis in archaeometry, in particular the fallacies in Tangri and Wright's dismissal of logratio analysis
  44. Visualization and modeling of sub-populations of compositional data: statistical methods illustrated by means of geochemical data from fumarolic fluids
  45. Geometric approach to statistical analysis on the simplex
  46. Multivariate Geostatistics, An Introduction With Applications, Second, Completely Revised Edition
  47. A statistical method to downscale temperature forecasts. A case study in Catalonia
  48. Zero Replacement in Compositional Data Sets
  49. A Critical Approach to Non-Parametric Classification of Compositional Data
  50. A Critical Approach to Probability Laws in Geochemistry
  51. The international association for mathematical geosciences
  52. Another Look at the Chemical Relationships in the Dissolved Phase of Complex River Systems