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  1. Minimized thermal effects and strong two-photon absorption of aluminum, silver doped platinum bi-metal nanoparticles
  2. Influence of embedded NiO-nanoparticles on the nonlinear absorption of tungsten disulfide nanolayers
  3. Femtosecond Bessel beam induced ladder-like LIPSS on trimetallic surface for SERS-based sensing of Tetryl and PETN
  4. Deep learning approach to overcome signal fluctuations in SERS for efficient On-Site trace explosives detection
  5. Femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-based Benzo[e]pyrene derivatives
  6. Ultra-trace detection of diverse analyte molecules using femtosecond laser structured Ag–Au alloy substrates and SERRS
  7. Protocol for designing AuNP-capped Ag dendrites as surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensors for trace molecular detection
  8. Recent Trends in SERS-Based Plasmonic Sensors for Disease Diagnostics, Biomolecules Detection, and Machine Learning Techniques
  9. Review of Ultrafast Laser Ablation for Sensing and Photonic Applications
  10. Metalated porphyrin-napthalimide based donor-acceptor systems with long-lived triplet states and effective three-photon absorption
  11. Gold nanoparticles coated LIPSS on GaAs for trace detection of RDX and Tetryl
  12. Effect of Pr6O11 on improving the Near–Infrared nonlinear optical characteristics of zinc borate glasses
  13. Femtosecond laser patterned silicon embedded with gold nanostars as a hybrid SERS substrate for pesticide detection
  14. Stability enhancement and pronounced three-photon absorption in SrCl2-doped FAPbBr3 nano crystals
  15. Ultrafast intramolecular charge transfer dynamics and nonlinear optical properties of phenothiazine-based push–pull zinc porphyrin
  16. Annealing duration dependent optical, nonlinear optical, and optical limiting properties of rare-earth doped glasses embedded with gold nanoparticles
  17. Formation of Cu-Ni enriched phases during laser processing of non-equiatomic AlSiCrMnFeNiCu high entropy alloy nanoparticles
  18. Tunable ultrafast near-infrared nonlinear optical properties of Eu3+ and silver nanoparticles doped alkali borate glasses
  19. Exciton-mediated surface-enhanced Raman studies of Aluminum doped platinum nano colloids
  20. Swift Heavy Ion irradiated Pd_Au Nanocomposite Thin Films for SERS Applications
  21. Effects of Initial Phase on Silicon Nanoparticles Formation in Femtosecond Laser Ablation
  22. Nanoparticle enhanced femtosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopy of aluminum sheet coated with gold nanoparticle embedded nanofibers
  23. Editorial: Advanced nonlinear optical materials and devices
  24. Enhanced near-infrared femtosecond nonlinear optical properties in zinc borate glasses activated with Er2O3
  25. Numerical simulation of internal electric field distribution in colloidal photonic crystal thin films
  26. Enhanced and tunable femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of pure and nickel-doped zinc oxide films
  27. Recent trends in laser-based standoff detection of hazardous molecules
  28. Comparative study of GaAs nanostructures synthesized in air and distilled water by picosecond pulsed laser ablation and application in hazardous molecules detection
  29. Wafer-scale silver nanodendrites with homogeneous distribution of gold nanoparticles for biomolecules detection
  30. Resistivity dependence on nanostructure formation in picosecond ablation of silicon and SERS-based sensing applications
  31. Femtosecond Third-Order Non-Linear Optical Properties of Unconstrained Green Fluorescence Protein Chromophores
  32. Multi-functional gallium arsenide nanoparticles and nanostructures fabricated using picosecond laser ablation
  33. Sustainability Evaluation of Machining Ti6Al4V with Graphene Inclusion
  34. Picosecond Laser-Ablated Nanoparticles Loaded Filter Paper for SERS-Based Trace Detection of Thiram, 1,3,5-Trinitroperhydro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX), and Nile Blue
  35. Picosecond Bessel Beam Fabricated Pure, Gold-Coated Silver Nanostructures for Trace-Level Sensing of Multiple Explosives and Hazardous Molecules
  36. Laser beam steering automation with an Arduino-based CNC shield for standoff femtosecond filament-induced breakdown spectroscopic studies
  37. Femtosecond excited-state dynamics and ultrafast nonlinear optical investigations of ethynylthiophene functionalized porphyrin
  38. Third-order nonlinear optical properties of Sm2O3 activated cadmium alkali borate glasses
  39. Hybrid Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrates for the Trace Detection of Ammonium Nitrate, Thiram, and Nile Blue
  40. Silicon Nanostructures for Molecular Sensing: A Review
  41. Tunable femtosecond nonlinear absorption and optical limiting thresholds of La2O3‒B2O3 glasses by controlling the borate structural units
  42. Investigating the influence of ITO thin film thickness on Optical Kerr Nonlinearity using Ultrashort Laser Pulses
  43. Flexible Paper Substrate with Silver Dendrites for Trace Detection of Dye and Explosive Molecules using SERS
  44. Giant femtosecond nonlinear optical response in bi-metallic GO nanocomposites for photonic applications
  45. Third-order optical nonlinearities and high-order harmonics generation in Ni-doped CsPbBr3 nanocrystals using single- and two-color chirped pulses
  46. Machine learning for rapid quantification of trace analyte molecules using SERS and flexible plasmonic paper substrates
  47. Recent Trends in Laser-Based Standoff Detection of Hazardous Molecules
  48. Experimental investigation on effect of inclusion of graphene while machining Ti6Al4V
  49. Experimental investigation on effect of inclusion of graphene while machining Ti6Al4V
  50. A comprehensive study on the photophysical and non-linear optical properties of thienyl-chalcone derivatives
  51. Novel phosphorus(v) tetrabenzotriazacorroles: synthesis, characterization, optical, electrochemical, and femtosecond nonlinear optical studies
  52. Ultrafast Photoexcited Molecular Dynamics of Metalated Porphyrin – Napthalimide Based Donor-Acceptor Systems
  53. Ultrafast Bessel Beam Induced Finger-like Silver Nanostructures for Trace-level Picric Acid Sensing
  54. Picosecond Bessel Beam Fabricated Pure and Gold-Coated Silver Nanostructures for Trace-Level Sensing of Multiple Explosives and Hazardous Molecules
  55. Gold-coated silicon nanoripples achieved via picosecond laser ablation for surface enhanced Raman scattering studies
  56. Plasmon-enhanced ultrafast and tunable thermo-optic nonlinear optical properties of femtosecond laser ablated TiO2 and Silver-doped TiO2 nanoparticles
  57. Improved near‒infrared nonlinear optical properties of Sm3+ containing borate glasses: Effect of silver nanoparticles concentration
  58. Near-infrared nonlinear optical characteristics of silver nanoparticles embedded borate glasses activated with Sm3+ ions: Effect of heat treatment
  59. Ultrafast nonlinear optical properties of orthorhombic YbFeO3 thin film
  60. Ultrafast Excited State Relaxation Dynamics of New Fuchsine‐ a Triphenylmethane Derivative Dye
  61. Gold nanostars on porous silicon for sensing picric acid, malachite green using SERS
  62. Optical, Electrochemical, Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Investigations of 3,4,5-Trimethoxy Phenyl Substituted Non-Aqueous Phthalocyanines
  63. Trace level detection of explosives and pesticides using robust, low-cost, free-standing silver nanoparticles decorated porous silicon
  64. Simultaneous quantification of Au and Ag composition from Au–Ag bi-metallic LIBS spectra combined with shallow neural network model for multi-output regression
  65. Improving the signal-to-noise ratio of atomic transitions in LIBS using two-dimensional correlation analysis
  66. Green machining using graphene-based self-lubricating cutting tool – a preliminary investigation
  67. High Harmonic Generation from Laser-Induced Plasmas of Ni-Doped CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals: Implications for Extreme Ultraviolet Light Sources
  68. Controlled wetting properties of proton beam irradiated silicon nanowires
  69. Photoluminescence and nonlinear optical investigations on Eu2O3 doped sodium bismuth borate glasses for solid state lighting and near-infrared optical limiting applications
  70. Precursor Based Tuning of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Au-Ag Bimetallic Nanoparticles Doped in Oxy-fluoroborate Glasses
  71. Femtosecond transient absorption studies of two novel energetic tetrazole derivatives
  72. Enhanced non-linear optical properties of Eu3+ activated glasses by embedding silver nanoparticles
  73. TiO2/Carbon Allotrope Nanohybrids for Supercapacitor Application with Theoretical Insights from Density Functional Theory
  74. Influence of gamma irradiation on photoluminescence and nonlinear optical properties of Eu3+ activated heavy metal borate glasses
  75. Non-linear Optical Properties of Novel Nanomaterials
  76. Gold nanoparticle nanofibres as SERS substrate for detection of methylene blue and a chemical warfare simulant (methyl salicylate)
  77. Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical and Structure–Property Relationship Studies of Pyridine-Based Anthracene Chalcones Using Z-Scan, Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing, and Computational Approaches
  78. Nanosecond pulsed laser ablation of Al–Cu–Fe quasicrystalline material: Effects of solvent and fluence
  79. ZnO nanowire arrays decorated with titanium nitride nanoparticles as surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates
  80. Large Area Few-Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride as a Raman Enhancement Material
  81. Efficacy of Eu3+ on improving the near–infrared optical nonlinearities and optical limiting properties of antimony sodium borate glasses
  82. Effects of Initial Grain Size and Laser Parameters on HfO2 Nanoparticles Prepared Using Femtosecond Laser Ablation in Liquids
  83. Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Studies of Ti and Hybrid Ti-Au Nanoparticles Generated by Laser Ablation in Liquids
  84. Time-Resolved Femtosecond Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Picric Acid and Ammonium Nitrate
  85. Wavelength Effect on Gold Nanoparticles Fabrication in Picosecond Laser Ablation and Evaluation of SERS Performance in Explosive Detection
  86. Strong two-photon absorption and ultrafast dynamics of meso-functionalized “push–pull” trans-A2BC porphyrins
  87. Flexible SERS substrates for hazardous materials detection: recent advances
  88. Plasma Temperature Evolution with Varying Compositions in an Alloy Using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
  89. Femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of -conjugated diketopyrrolopyrrole substituted porphyrin molecules
  90. Structural and femtosecond third-order nonlinear optical properties of electron donor – acceptor substituted chalcones: An experimental and computational approach
  91. Fabrication of nanocages on nickel using femtosecond laser ablation and trace level detection of malachite green and Nile blue dyes using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic technique
  92. Multistep Electron Injection Dynamics and Optical Nonlinearity Investigations of π-Extended Thioalkyl-Substituted Tetrathiafulvalene Sensitizers
  93. Effect of Eu3+ in tuning the ultrafast third-order optical nonlinearity in heavy metal borate glasses
  94. Ultrafast Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopic studies of nitro/nitrogen rich aryl-tetrazole derivatives
  95. Carbazole-Based π-Conjugated 2,2'-Bipyridines, a New Class of Organic Chromophores: Photophysical, Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical and Computational Studies
  96. Ultra-sensitive Reusable SERS Sensor for Multiple Hazardous Materials Detection on Single Platform
  97. Ultrafast nonlinear optical properties and excited-state dynamics of Soret-band excited D-π-D porphyrins
  98. Ultrafast photophysical and nonlinear optical properties of novel free base and axially substituted phosphorus (V) corroles
  99. Comparative Photophysical and Femtosecond Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Novel Imidazole Substituted Metal Phthalocyanines
  100. Femtosecond Filaments for Standoff Detection of Explosives
  101. Correction to: Identification of metals and alloys using color CCD images of laser‑induced breakdown emissions coupled with machine learning
  102. Structural investigations of picosecond laser ablated GaAs nanoparticles in different liquids
  103. Non-spherical aluminum nanoparticles fabricated using picosecond laser ablation
  104. Aggregation induced, formaldehyde tailored nanowire like networks of Cu and their SERS activity
  105. Investigations on nonlinear optical properties of gold nanoparticles doped fluoroborate glasses for optical limiting applications
  106. Identification of metals and alloys using color CCD images of laser-induced breakdown emissions coupled with machine learning
  107. Fabrication and characterization of GaAs nanoparticles achieved using femtosecond laser ablation
  108. Strong two-photon absorption in ErFeO3 thin films studied using femtosecond near-infrared Z-scan technique
  109. 3PA-induced optical limiting in pure and barium borate decorated MoS2 nanocomposites
  110. Surface enhanced Raman studies of heat-treated silver nanowire films
  111. Ultrafast laser ablation of silver targets in miscible and immiscible liquid mixtures
  112. Ultrafast photophysical studies and femtosecond third-order nonlinear optical properties of a Soret-band excited zinc phthalocyanine
  113. Ultrafast third-order nonlinear optical properties of a novel 4-methoxy-4’-nitro chalcone by z-scan and degenerate four-wave mixing techniques
  114. Direct Fabrication of sub 100 nm Nanoneedles in Silver using Femtosecond Laser Direct Writing
  115. Structural, optical, thermal and nonlinear optical properties of Triphenylamine (TPA) single crystal grown by Bridgman – Stockbarger method
  116. Dopant induced modifications in the microstructure and nonlinear optical properties of 4N4MSP chalcone doped PVA films
  117. Synthesis of CuO hollow nanoparticles using laser ablation: effect of fluence and solvents
  118. Giant Nonlinear Optical Response in Triple Cation Halide Mixed Perovskite Films
  119. Anisotropic Nonlinear Optical and Optical Limiting Studies of an Ethylenediamminium Picrate Crystal with Femtosecond Excitation
  120. Gold-nanoparticle- and nanostar-loaded paper-based SERS substrates for sensing nanogram-level Picric acid with a portable Raman spectrometer
  121. Influence of gold nanoparticles on the nonlinear optical and photoluminescence properties of Eu2O3 doped alkali borate glasses
  122. Unsymmetrical β-functionalized ‘push–pull’ porphyrins: synthesis and photophysical, electrochemical and nonlinear optical properties
  123. Influence of PbO on nonlinear optical properties of Eu3+ doped La2O3–PbO–B2O3 glasses
  124. Chromatographically separable ruffled non-planar isomeric octaalkylporphycenes: consequences of unsymmetrical substitution upon structure and photophysical properties
  125. Standoff femtosecond filament-induced breakdown spectroscopy for classification of geological materials
  126. Metal-free carbazole scaffold dyes as potential nonlinear optical phores: molecular engineering
  127. Filter paper loaded with gold nanoparticles as flexible SERS substrates for sensing applications
  128. Fabrication of silver honey comb nano template
  129. Silver nanoribbons achieved by picosecond ablation using cylindrical focusing and SERS-based trace detection of TNT
  130. Robust and cost-effective silver dendritic nanostructures for SERS-based trace detection of RDX and ammonium nitrate
  131. Ultrafast Photophysical Investigations of water-soluble triphenylmethane derivative (New Fuchsin) molecule
  132. Instantaneous trace detection of nitro-explosives and mixtures with nanotextured silicon decorated with Ag–Au alloy nanoparticles using the SERS technique
  133. Commercial DVDs loaded with Femtosecond Laser Prepared Gold Nanoparticles as SERS Substrates
  134. Femtosecond Laser-patterned and Au-coated Iron Surfaces as SERS Platforms for Multiple Analytes Detection
  135. Stand-off Femtosecond Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Metals, Soil, Plastics and Classification Studies
  136. Hierarchical Laser-Patterned Silver/Graphene Oxide Hybrid SERS Sensor for Explosive Detection
  137. An investigation on the growth and propitiates of KDP admixtured ADP single crystals
  138. Broadband femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of silver nanowire films
  139. Linear and femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of soluble pyrrolo[1,2-a] quinoxalines
  140. Ultrafast excited state dynamics and femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of laser fabricated Au and Ag50Au50 nanoparticles
  141. Deciphering the Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Properties and Dynamics of Pristine and Ni-Doped CsPbBr3 Colloidal Two-Dimensional Nanocrystals
  142. Low cost ‘green’ dye sensitized solar cells based on New Fuchsin dye with aqueous electrolyte and platinum-free counter electrodes
  143. Quantitative Analysis of Catalysis and SERS Performance in Hollow and Star-Shaped Au Nanostructures
  144. Cu nanoclusters in ion exchanged soda-lime glass: Study of SPR and nonlinear optical behavior for photonics
  145. Surface‐enhanced Raman scattering studies of gold‐coated ripple‐like nanostructures on iron substrate achieved by femtosecond laser irradiation in water
  146. Synthesis, Optical, Electrochemical, DFT Studies, NLO Properties, and Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics of Carbazole-Induced Phthalocyanine Derivatives
  147. Femtosecond nonlinear absorption and optical limiting action in nanoplatelet CuFe2O4-decorated rGO nanocomposites
  148. Standoff discrimination and trace detection of explosive molecules using femtosecond filament induced breakdown spectroscopy combined with silver nanoparticles
  149. Photonics for Explosives Detection
  150. Structural and Femtosecond Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Sodium Borate Oxide Glasses: Effect of Antimony
  151. Improved femtosecond third-order nonlinear optical properties of thin layered Cu3Nb2O8
  152. Synthesis, optical, laser damage threshold studies of4NPABA single crystal
  153. Broadband ultrafast nonlinear optical studies revealing exciting multi-photon absorption coefficients in phase pure zero-dimensional Cs4PbBr6 perovskite films
  154. Hafnium oxide nanoparticles fabricated by femtosecond laser ablation in water
  155. Explosive sensing using alloy nanoparticles
  156. Enhanced catalytic and SERS performance of shape/size controlled anisotropic gold nanostructures
  157. SERS based detection of multiple analytes from dye/explosive mixtures using picosecond laser fabricated gold nanoparticles and nanostructures
  158. Nanoparticle Aluminum Preparation
  159. Femtosecond Transient Absorption and Nonlinear Optical Studies of a Novel Zinc Phthalocyanine
  160. Optoelectronic, femtosecond nonlinear optical properties and excited state dynamics of a triphenyl imidazole induced phthalocyanine derivative
  161. Influence of Eu3+ ions on nonlinear optical properties of alklai borate glasses at near-infrared wavelengths
  162. Femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of heavy metal borate glasses studied using Z–scan technique
  163. Study of Tunable Plasmonic, Photoluminscence, and Nonlinear Optical Behavior of Ag Nanoclusters Embedded in a Glass Matrix for Multifunctional Applications
  164. Femtosecond Laser-Induced, Nanoparticle-Embedded Periodic Surface Structures on Crystalline Silicon for Reproducible and Multi-utility SERS Platforms
  165. Femtosecond, broadband nonlinear optical studies of a zinc porphyrin and zinc phthalocyanine
  166. Nonlinear absorption and refraction studies of truncated CuNb3O8
  167. Growth, structural, optical, thermal, laser damage threshold and theoretical investigations of organic nonlinear optical 2-aminopyridinium 4-nitrophenolate 4-nitrophenol (2AP4N) single crystal
  168. Enhanced broadband optical limiting and switching of nonlinear absorption in functionalized solar exfoliated reduced graphene oxide–Ag-Fe2O3 nanocomposites
  169. A study on structural, compositional, microhardness and dielectric properties of LiInS2 crystal
  170. Evidence of 2PA and its saturation in malachite green oxalate
  171. Nonlinear Absorption and Optical Limiting in Au-Fe2O3‑rGO Nanocomposites
  172. Synthesis, crystal growth, structure and characterization of a novel third order nonlinear optical organic single crystal: 2-Amino 4,6-Dimethyl Pyrimidine 4-nitrophenol
  173. NLO studies of sodium borate glasses embedded with gold nanoparticles
  174. Optical, structural and Near-IR NLO properties of gold nanoparticles doped sodium zinc borate glasses
  175. Paper SERS substrates for explosives detection using a portable spectrometer
  176. Discrimination of bimetallic alloy targets using femtosecond filament-induced breakdown spectroscopy
  177. Crystal growth and characterization of second- and third-order nonlinear optical chalcone derivative: (2E)-3-(5-bromo-2-thienyl)-1-(4-nitrophenyl)prop-2-en-1-one
  178. Femtosecond Laser Fabricated Ag@Au and Cu@Au Alloy Nanoparticles for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Based Trace Explosives Detection
  179. Detection of explosives at a standoff distance using femtosecond LIBS technique
  180. Broadband femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals
  181. Three-dimensional hybrid silicon nanostructures for SERS based molecular detection
  182. Synthesis of Si/SiO2 nanoparticles using nanosecond laser ablation of silicate-rich garnet in water
  183. Alloy Nanoparticles based SERS studies for explosives detection
  184. Femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of laser ablated gold nanoparticles in water
  185. Third-order nonlinear optical properties of 1,3-bis(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl) prop-2-en-1-one under femtosecond laser pulses
  186. Standoff Detection of RDX, TNT, and HMX
  187. Second and third order NLO studies in an organic crystal glucuronic acid γ-lactone.
  188. Experimental and computational studies on second-and third-order nonlinear optical properties of a novel D-π-A type chalcone derivative: 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1-(4-nitrophenyl) prop-2-en-1-one
  189. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of gold nanoparticles doped borate glasses
  190. AG Nanoparticles Coupled with AG Nanostructures as Efficient SERS Platform for Detection of 2, 4-Dinitrotoluene
  191. Tunable Nanosecond and Femtosecond Nonlinear Optical Properties of C−N−S-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles
  192. Structural, optical and femtosecond third-order nonlinear optical properties of LiNbO 3 thin films
  193. Key functions analysis of a novel nonlinear optical D-π-A bridge type (2 E )-3-(4-Methylphenyl)-1-(3-nitrophenyl) prop-2-en-1-one chalcone: An experimental and theoretical approach
  194. Versatile gold based SERS substrates fabricated by ultrafast laser ablation for sensing picric acid and ammonium nitrate
  195. DNT detected using portable Raman spectrometer and Au–Ag nanoparticles and nanostructures
  196. Optical and NLO properties of chalocgenide thin films
  197. Synthesis and femtosecond third order nonlinear optical properties of push-pull trans- A 2 B-corroles
  198. Ultrafast nonlinear optical studies of equiaxed CuNbO 3 microstructures
  199. ZnSe/PVP nanocomposites: Synthesis, structural and nonlinear optical analysis
  200. One-step synthesis of bulk quantities of graphene from graphite by femtosecond laser ablation under ambient conditions
  201. Laser ablation of natural micas: Synthesis of MgO and Mg(OH)2 nanoparticles and nanochains
  202. Influence of sintering time on switching of the femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of CuNb 2 O 6
  203. Femtosecond third order optical nonlinearity and optical limiting studies of (γ and β)—Barium borate nanostructures
  204. Variable ultrafast optical nonlinearity in bacteriorhodopsin achieved through simple chemical treatment
  205. Hand-Held Femtogram Detection of Hazardous Picric Acid with Hydrophobic Ag Nanopillar SERS Substrates and Mechanism of Elasto-Capillarity
  206. Ion induced effects on the dissociation of silicon nanoparticles
  207. Correlation of molecular, atomic emissions with detonation parameters in femtosecond and nanosecond LIBS plasma of high energy materials
  208. Super-paramagnetic, unusual nonlinear absorption behavior of CdFe2O4-rGO nanocomposite
  209. Nanostructured plasmonic metal targets for Raman-based explosives detection
  210. A systematic study of hydroxyethylammonium p-nitrophenolate single crystal exhibiting third order nonlinearity
  211. Investigation of the femtosecond optical limiting properties of monoclinic copper niobate
  212. Applications of Metal Nanoparticles and Nanostructures Fabricated Using Ultrafast Laser Ablation in Liquids
  213. Optical, electrochemical and third-order nonlinear optical studies of triphenylamine substituted zinc phthalocyanine
  214. Crystalline perfection, third-order nonlinear optical properties and optical limiting studies of 3, 4-Dimethoxy -4′-methoxychalcone single crystal
  215. Nonlinear optical studies of inorganic nanoparticles–polymer nanocomposite coatings fabricated by electron beam curing
  216. Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes Containing 4,4′-π-Conjugated 2,2′-Bipyridine Derivatives as the Ancillary Ligands: Synthesis, Photophysics, and Computational Studies
  217. Morphologically manipulated Ag/ZnO nanostructures as surface enhanced Raman scattering probes for explosives detection
  218. Femtosecond and nanosecond LIBS studies of nitroimidazoles: correlation between molecular structure and LIBS data
  219. Wavelength dependent nonlinear optical switching in electron beam irradiated CuTTBPc thin film
  220. Efficient and cost-effective method for crystallization from solution
  221. Third order nonlinearity in pulsed laser deposited LiNbO3 thin films
  222. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of SrBi4Ti4O15 thin films
  223. Improved third-order optical nonlinearity and optical limiting behaviour of (nanospindle and nanosphere) zinc ferrite decorated reduced graphene oxide under continuous and ultrafast laser excitation
  224. Femtomolar Detection of Explosive Molecules using Laser Ablated Targets and SERS
  225. Broadband, Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Properties of Porphyrin and Phthalocyanine
  226. Gold-Silver Nanostructures Prepared by Femtosecond Ablation for Picric Acid Detection
  227. Nanoparticle Enhanced Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy with Femtosecond Pulses
  228. Femtosecond Nonlinear Optical Properties of Copper and Silver Nanoparticles Studied Using DFWM Technique
  229. Femtosecond to Microsecond Dynamics of Soret-Band Excited Corroles
  230. Femtosecond to Microsecond Dynamics of Soret-Band Excited Corroles
  231. Structural, linear and nonlinear optical study of zinc tetra-tert-butyl phthalocyanine thin film
  232. Studies on linear, nonlinear optical and excited state dynamics of silicon nanoparticles prepared by picosecond laser ablation
  233. SERS Studies Of Explosive Molecules With Diverse Copper Nanostructures Fabricated Using Ultrafast Laser Ablation
  234. Femtosecond Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Studies of Nitropyrazoles: The Effect of Varying Nitro Groups
  235. Nonlinear absorption and excited state dynamics of porphyrin and phthalocyanine in the presence of explosive molecules
  236. Growth and characterization of a new organic nonlinear optical crystal: 1-(3-Nitrophenyl)-5-phenylpenta-2,4-dien-1-one
  237. Trace-Level Detection of Secondary Explosives Using Hybrid Silver–Gold Nanoparticles and Nanostructures Achieved with Femtosecond Laser Ablation
  238. Magnetic and nonlinear optical properties of BaTiO3nanoparticles
  239. Fabrication of nanoparticles and nanostructures using ultrafast laser ablation of silver with Bessel beams
  240. Surface enhanced fluorescence from corroles and SERS studies of explosives using copper nanostructures
  241. Optical, electrochemical, third order nonlinear optical, and excited state dynamics studies of bis(3,5-trifluoromethyl)phenyl-zinc phthalocyanine
  242. Synthesis of ultra-small silicon nanoparticles by femtosecond laser ablation of porous silicon
  243. Morphological manipulation of the nonlinear optical response of ZnO thin films grown by thermal evaporation
  244. One dimensional silicon nanostructures prepared by oxidized porous silicon under heat treatment
  245. Hydroxyethylammonium maleate (HEAM) single crystal for optical limiting applications
  246. Naphthobipyrrole-Derived Sapphyrins: Rational Synthesis, Characterization, Nonlinear Optical Properties, and Excited-State Dynamics
  247. 150MeV Au ion induced modification of Si nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation
  248. Strong two-photon absorption properties and ultrafast pump-probe studies of novel porphyrin derivatives
  249. Interaction of ultrashort pulses with molecules and solids: Physics and applications
  250. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Classification of High Energy Materials using Elemental Intensity Ratios
  251. First report of black-foot disease, caused by Cylindrocarpon destructans, on ornamental marigold (Tagetes minuta) in Iran
  252. Cost effective nanostructured copper substrates prepared with ultrafast laser pulses for explosives detection using surface enhanced Raman scattering
  253. Effect of oblique incidence on silver nanomaterials fabricated in water via ultrafast laser ablation for photonics and explosives detection
  254. Femtosecond Ablation of Silicon in Acetone: Tunable Photoluminescence from Generated Nanoparticles and Fabrication of Surface Nanostructures
  255. Optical, electrochemical, third-order nonlinear optical, and excited state dynamics studies of thio-zinc phthalocyanine
  256. Ultrafast Laser Ablation in Liquids for Nanomaterials and Applications
  257. Synthesis of Cu 2 O, CuCl, and Cu 2 OCl 2 nanoparticles by ultrafast laser ablation of copper in liquid media
  258. Sterically demanding zinc(ii) phthalocyanines: NLO and excited state dynamics
  259. Enhanced optical limiting and carrier dynamics in metal oxide-hydrogen exfoliated graphene hybrids
  260. Fabrication of Hybrid Ag-Au Nanomaterials for Explosives Detection
  261. Explosives Detection with Copper Nanostructures Fabricated using Ultrafast Laser Ablation in Acetonitrile
  262. Silver Nanomaterials in Aqueous Media Fabricated with Non-diffracting Picosecond Bessel Beam and Applications
  263. Excited state dynamics of silicon nanocrystals fabricated using ultrafast laser ablation in liquids
  264. Femtosecond Time Resolved Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Studies of Nitroimidazoles
  265. Ultrashort laser pulse–matter interaction: Implications for high energy materials
  266. Femtosecond to nanosecond excited states dynamics of novel Corroles
  267. Surface enhanced fluorescence of corroles using copper nanoparticles
  268. Fluence dependent silver nanoparticles fabricated using laser ablation in aqueous media
  269. Influence of picosecond multiple/single line ablation on copper nanoparticles fabricated for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and photonics applications
  270. Dynamics of tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses in water
  271. Molecular formation dynamics of 5-nitro-2,4-dihydro-3H-1,2,4-triazol-3-one, 1,3,5-trinitroperhydro-1,3,5-triazine, and 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene in air, nitrogen, and argon atmospheres studied using femtosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
  272. Dispersion studies of optical nonlinearity and excited state dynamics in cyclo[4]naphthobipyrroles
  273. Experimental and theoretical studies on the structure and vibrational properties of nitropyrazoles
  274. Femtosecond LIBS studies of nitropyrazoles
  275. Discrimination methodologies using femtosecond LIBS and correlation techniques
  276. Investigation of molecular and elemental species dynamics in NTO, TNT, and ANTA using femtosecond LIBS technique
  277. Thiazole based novel functional colorants: Synthesis, characterization and nonlinear optical studies using picosecond Z-scan technique
  278. ChemInform Abstract: Phthalocyanines, Porphycenes, and Corroles: Nonlinear Optical Properties and Ultrafast Dynamics
  279. Silver nano-entities through ultrafast double ablation in aqueous media for surface enhanced Raman scattering and photonics applications
  280. Ultrafast dynamics of Naphthosapphyrins: Degenerate and Non-degenerate Pump-Probe Studies
  281. Ultrafast Dynamics of SI-GaAs and LT-GaAs by Degenerate Pump-Probe Studies
  282. Femtosecond and nanosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopic studies of NTO, HMX, and RDX
  283. Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminum Nanostructures Using Femtosecond Ablation Technique
  284. Spectroscopic investigation of fs laser-induced defects in polymer and crystal media
  285. Study on third-order nonlinear optical properties of 4-methylsulfanyl chalcone derivatives using picosecond pulses
  286. Direct Writing in Polymers with Femtosecond Laser Pulses: Physics and Applications
  287. Structural, optical and electrical characteristics of a new NLO crystal
  288. Ultrafast Excited-State Dynamics and Dispersion Studies of Third-Order Optical Nonlinearities in Novel Corroles
  289. Femtosecond-laser direct writing in polymers and potential applications in microfluidics and memory devices
  290. Phthalocyanines, porphycenes, and corroles: nonlinear optical properties and ultrafast dynamics
  291. Ultrafast nonlinear optical studies of cyclo[4]naphthobipyrroles
  292. Effect of lens tilt on SCE and filamentation characteristics of femtosecond pulses in air
  293. Filamentation characteristics of focused fs pulses in atmosphere
  294. Ultrafast excited state dynamics and dispersion studies of nonlinear optical properties in dinaphthoporphycenes
  295. Fabrication and characterization of aluminum nanostructures and nanoparticles obtained using femtosecond ablation technique
  296. Femtosecond and picosecond nonlinear optical studies of Corroles
  297. Ultrafast nonlinear optical studies of 3,8,13,18-Tetrachloro-2,7,12,17-tetramethoxyporphyrin and its derivatives
  298. Supercontinuum emission from water using fs pulses in the external tight focusing limit
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