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  1. Controlled spatial organization of bacterial growth reveals key role of cell filamentation preceding Xylella fastidiosa biofilm formation
  2. Oxygen plasma-enhanced covalent biomolecule immobilization on SU-8 thin films: A stable and homogenous surface biofunctionalization strategy
  3. Growth kinetics and bulk growth of inversely soluble lithium sulfate monohydrate single crystals and their characterization
  4. Investigation on the structural, linear/nonlinear optical and electrical characteristics of Cd- and Mn-doped polar lithium sulfate monohydrate crystals
  5. Efficient and cost-effective method for crystallization from solution
  6. Nucleation kinetics and growth aspects of negative solubility lithium sulphate monohydrate single crystal
  7. Growth of high quality bulk size single crystals of inverted solubility lithium sulphate monohydrate
  8. Effect of crystal violet dye on the optical, dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties of <001> directed KDP single crystal
  9. Synthesis, growth, structural, optical and thermal properties of an organic single crystal: 4-Nitroaniline 4-aminobenzoic acid