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  1. Adult Independence Living Measurement Scale: Psychometric validation of a scale to estimate personal skills for independent living in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  2. Validation of an Italian version of the shortt versions of Prudhoe Cognitive Function Test
  3. The anticholinergic effects of drugs can worsen people's health
  4. Perspectives on family caregiving of people aging with intellectual disability affected by dementia: Commentary from the International Summit on Intellectual Disability and Dementia
  5. An important tool, for the screening of dementia in people with Intellectual disabilities
  6. International Summit Consensus Statement: Intellectual Disability Inclusion in National Dementia Plans
  7. 10TH International Congress of the Eamhid Florence, September 9-11 2015 Integrating Different Approaches in the Neurodevelopmental Perspective
  8. Age-Related Changes of Adaptive and Neuropsychological Features in Persons with Down Syndrome
  9. Posters
  10. Functional abilities and cognitive decline in adult and aging intellectual disabilities. Psychometric validation of an Italian version of the Alzheimer's Functional Assessment Tool (AFAST): analysis of its clinical significance with linear statistics and
  11. Impact of Dementia-derived Nonpharmacological Intervention Procedures on Cognition and Behavior in Older Adults With Intellectual Disabilities: A 3-year Follow-up Study
  12. Measuring Quality of Life in Intellectually Disabled Persons with Dementia with the Italian Version of the Quality of Life in Late-Stage Dementia (QUALID) Scale
  13. Program of the 76th Annual and 17th International Meeting of the Psychometric Society
  14. Psychometric evaluation of the Italian version of the AADS questionnaire: a caregiver-rated tool for the assessment of behavioral deficits and excesses in persons with intellectual disabilities and dementia