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  1. Moving beyond the tensions in open environmental innovation towards a holistic perspective
  2. Practising Value Innovation through Artificial Intelligence: The IBM Watson Case
  3. Inbound open innovation in biopharmaceutical firms: unpacking the role of absorptive capacity
  4. Searching through the jungle of innovation conceptualisations: system, network and ecosystem perspectives
  5. Being social for social: a co-creation perspective
  6. Eco-innovation practices
  7. Research traditions of innovation
  8. Priority persistent contaminants in people dwelling in critical areas of Campania Region, Italy (SEBIOREC biomonitoring study)
  9. Cut quality assessment of CO2 laser cutting of twinning-induced plasticity steel sheets
  10. Data Collection for Traffic and Drivers’ Behaviour Studies: A Large-scale Survey
  11. The Impact of E-mobility on Automotive Supply Chain
  12. Vecchi regionalismi e nuovo imperialismo: le ambasciate degli Stati Uniti a Baghdad: da Sert–Gourley–Jackson a Bergerm–Devine–Yaeger
  13. Resistance Spot Welding of Advanced High Strength TWIP Steels
  14. Influence of the microstructure on fatigue and fracture toughness properties of large heat-treated mold steels
  15. Thermomechanical warm forging of Ti–V, Ti–Nb, and Ti–B microalloyed medium carbon steels
  16. Factors Affecting Future Scenarios for Alternative Vehicles Market
  17. “Five Co‐s” in innovating: a practice‐based view
  18. CSR, innovation strategy and supply chain management: toward an integrated perspective
  19. Unsteady friction and visco-elasticity in pipe fluid transients
  20. Moment of momentum equation for curvilinear free-surface flow
  21. Polyester‐based nanocomposite fibers: A preliminary investigation on structure, morphology, and mechanical properties
  22. Energy and momentum under critical flow conditions
  23. Curved-streamline transitional flow from mild to steep slopes
  24. Fracture Behavior in Cu46.5Zr46.5Al7 and Cu46.5Zr41.5Al7Y5 Bulk Metallic Glasses
  25. Fatigue crack growth in inhomogeneous steel components
  26. Lack of implementation of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) vaccination policy in household contacts of HBV carriers in Italy
  27. Room Temperature Plastic Flow Localization in a Mn-Alloyed Austenitic Steel
  28. A minmax formulation of nonlinear seepage flow problem
  29. Parthenocarpy
  30. Treatment of v-Ki-Ras-transformed SVC1 cells with low retinoic acid induces malignancy reversion associated with Ras p21 down-regulation
  31. Concurrent accelerated radiotherapy and continuous infusion chemotherapy in the neoadjuvant treatment of pancreatic cancer. A pilot study
  32. Magnetotherapy for treatment of radiodermatitis
  33. On the uniqueness of the solution to the direct nonlinear problem of physical networks
  34. 620Concurrent accelerated radiotherapy and continuous infusion chemotherapy in the neoadiuvant treatment of rectal cancer: A pilot study
  35. A Variational Approach to the Analysis of Fluid Distribution Networks in Steady State of Flow
  36. On the dynamical contact between a plate and a unilateral elastic viscous-damped foundation
  37. An Optimal Stepping Procedure for the Analysis of a Class of Unilateral Structures
  38. Anti-HCV Antibody Presence in Hemodialyzed Patients: Assessment after One Year Regarding Some Preventive Measures Chosen
  39. A Quadratic Programming Approach to the Collapse for Pure Torsion of Beams with Thin-Walled Multiply-Connected Section
  40. T-DNA Gene-Functions
  41. Service-Dominant Logic as a Framework for Innovation within Networks
  42. Parthenocarpy in Crop Plants