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  1. Conceptual model for analysing domino effect among concepts affecting supply chain resilience
  2. The moderating effects of corporate and national factors on lean projects barriers: a cross‐national study
  3. Resilience for lean organisational network
  4. Leveraging environmental sustainability for competitive advantage in the Italian Clothing and Leather sector
  5. Relationships between Italian companies’ operational characteristics and business growth in high and low lean performers
  6. A preliminary study on the changes in the Italian automotive supply chain for the introduction of electric vehicles
  7. A way for reducing drug supply chain cost for a hospital district: A case study
  8. Performance analysis of new product development projects
  9. Business process re-engineering of surgical instruments sterilization process: A case study
  10. “Cook &Teach”: learning by playing
  11. Efficiency assessment of blanching and deep-freezing systems through data envelopment analysis
  12. The automation of an assembly system: A business process re-engineering (BPR) perspective
  13. Implementing lean information management: the case study of an automotive company
  14. AChangeover Time Reductionthrough an integration of lean practices: a case study from pharmaceutical sector
  15. Business process reengineering of drugs storage and distribution: a case study
  16. A Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Tool for Developing a RBI&M Model
  17. Environmental analysis of a cotton yarn supply chain
  18. Relation of project managers' personality and project performance: An approach based on value stream mapping
  19. The Impact of E-mobility on Automotive Supply Chain
  20. Total quality control through value stream mapping: a case study of small medium enterprises
  21. Critical chain and theory of constraints applied to yachting shipbuilding: a case study
  22. A BPR approach to hydrogeological risk management
  23. An empirical study of ISO 9000 on the supply chain of a company leader in the heating sector
  24. Supply chain modelling and managing, using timed coloured Petri nets: a case study
  25. Analysis of injury events with fuzzy cognitive maps
  26. Development and test of a new fuzzy-QFD approach for characterizing customers rating of extra virgin olive oil
  27. Design a Sustainable Supply Chain
  28. Supply Chain Environmental Policy
  29. Supply chain integration in an Italian automotive company: the case of a kitting system implementation
  30. Development of an innovative criticality index for turnaround management in an oil refinery
  31. Modelling and performance analysis of a supply chain using timed coloured Petri nets
  32. Implementation of a quality procedure based on Delphi method and the ISO/TS 16949:2009 in the production of stainless steel tubes for automotive exhaust systems
  33. Overview on the application of ISO/TS 16949:2009, in a worldwide leader company in the production of stainless steel tubes for automotive exhaust systems
  35. Safety Management System in a Clinical Medicine Department: A Case Study
  36. Value Stream Mapping in Project Management: A Case Study