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  1. Sustained Reduction of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Rates Using Real-Time Course Correction With a Ventilator Bundle Compliance Dashboard
  2. Comparison of NHSN-Defined Central Venous Catheter Day Counts with a Method that Accounts for Concurrent Catheters
  3. Update on immunizations for healthcare personnel in the United States
  4. Public Reporting of Health Care–Associated Surveillance Data: Recommendations From the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee
  5. Sustained Improvement in Hand Hygiene Adherence: Utilizing Shared Accountability and Financial Incentives
  6. Influenza Prevention Update
  7. The Use of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) in Healthcare Personnel (HCP): Guidance from the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)
  8. Triaging patients at risk of influenza using a patient portal
  9. A Comparison of 2 Strategies to Prevent Infection Following Pertussis Exposure in Vaccinated Healthcare Personnel
  10. A computerized pneumococcal vaccination reminder system in the adult emergency department
  11. Intraoperative Patient-to-Healthcare-Worker Transmission of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infection
  12. New approaches for influenza vaccination of healthcare workers
  13. Revised SHEA Position Paper: Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Personnel
  14. Results of a National Survey of Infectious Diseases Specialists regarding Influenza Vaccination Programs for Healthcare Workers
  15. On Being the First: Virginia Mason Medical Center and Mandatory Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers
  16. Factors Associated with Increased Healthcare Worker Influenza Vaccination Rates: Results from a National Survey of University Hospitals and Medical Centers
  17. Unmasking the Confusion of Respiratory Protection to Prevent Influenza‐Like Illness in Crowded Community Settings
  18. Do Declination Statements Increase Health Care Worker Influenza Vaccination Rates?
  19. Relationship of Influenza Vaccination Declination Statements and Influenza Vaccination Rates for Healthcare Workers in 22 US Hospitals
  20. Improving Rates of Influenza Vaccination Among Healthcare Workers: Educate; Motivate; Mandate?
  21. Healthcare Workers' Knowledge and Attitudes About Pertussis and Pertussis Vaccination
  22. Absence of pharyngeal shedding of vaccinia following smallpox vaccination
  23. Optimal Bandaging of Smallpox Vaccination Sites to Decrease the Potential for Secondary Vaccinia Transmission Without Impairing Lesion Healing
  24. Cellular Immune Responses to Diluted and Undiluted Aventis Pasteur Smallpox Vaccine
  25. The Challenges of Pertussis Outbreaks in Healthcare Facilities: Is There A Light at the End of the Tunnel?
  26. Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers and Vaccine Allocation for Healthcare Workers During Vaccine Shortages
  27. Asthma as a Risk Factor for Invasive Pneumococcal Disease
  28. Duration of Virus Shedding After Trivalent Intranasal Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccination in Adults
  29. Differential Regulation of Granzyme and Perforin in Effector and Memory T Cells following Smallpox Immunization
  30. Smallpox Vaccination Does Not Elevate Systemic Levels of Prothrombotic Proteins Associated with Ischemic Cardiac Events
  31. Seasonality of invasive pneumococcal disease: Temporal relation to documented influenza and respiratory syncytial viral circulation
  32. Vaccination Success Rate and Reaction Profile With Diluted and Undiluted Smallpox Vaccine
  33. Adverse Events after Smallpox Immunizations Are Associated with Alterations in Systemic Cytokine Levels
  34. Risk of Vaccinia Transfer to the Hands of Vaccinated Persons after Smallpox Immunization
  35. Focal and Generalized Folliculitis Following Smallpox Vaccination Among Vaccinia-Naive Recipients