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  1. On the aggregation of published prognostic scores for causal inference in observational studies
  2. Individual participant data meta‐analysis of intervention studies with time‐to‐event outcomes: A review of the methodology and an applied example
  3. Predicting disability progression in multiple sclerosis: Insights from advanced statistical modeling
  4. Systematic review and network meta-analysis with individual participant data on Cord Management at Preterm Birth (iCOMP): study protocol
  5. Statistical approaches to identify subgroups in meta-analysis of individual participant data: a simulation study
  6. Assessment of heterogeneity in an individual participant data meta‐analysis of prediction models: An overview and illustration
  7. Guidance from key organisations on exploring, confirming and interpreting subgroup effects of medical treatments: a scoping review
  8. Evidence synthesis in prognosis research
  9. Development and validation of a novel prediction model to identify patients in need of specialized trauma care during field triage: design and rationale of the GOAT study
  10. Performance of the Framingham risk models and pooled cohort equations for predicting 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  11. Understanding the relation between Zika virus infection during pregnancy and adverse fetal, infant and child outcomes: a protocol for a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis of longitudinal studies of pregnant women and their ...
  12. Empirical evidence of the impact of study characteristics on the performance of prediction models: a meta-epidemiological study
  13. A guide to systematic review and meta-analysis of prognostic factor studies
  14. The use of prognostic scores for causal inference with general treatment regimes
  15. Cardiovascular risk prediction models for women in the general population: A systematic review
  16. Erratum
  17. The life expectancy of Stephen Hawking, according to the ENCALS model
  18. A framework for meta-analysis of prediction model studies with binary and time-to-event outcomes
  19. Prognostic models for predicting the severity and mortality in people with acute pancreatitis
  20. Prognosis for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: development and validation of a personalised prediction model
  21. Predicition models for delayed graft function: external validation on The Dutch Prospective Renal Transplantation Registry
  22. Exacerbations in adults with asthma: A systematic review and external validation of prediction models
  23. Validation of an imaging based cardiovascular risk score in a Scottish population
  24. The development of CHAMP: a checklist for the appraisal of moderators and predictors
  25. Methods for examining publication bias
  26. Practical implications of using real-world evidence (RWE) in comparative effectiveness research: learnings from IMI-GetReal
  27. Predictive performance of the CHA2DS2-VASc rule in atrial fibrillation: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  28. Meta-analysis of prediction model performance across multiple studies: Which scale helps ensure between-study normality for the C-statistic and calibration measures?
  29. Reporting of Bayesian analysis in epidemiologic research should become more transparent
  30. Erratum to: Methods for evaluating medical tests and biomarkers
  31. Methods for Evaluating Medical Tests and Biomarkers
  32. Combining randomized and non-randomized evidence in network meta-analysis
  33. A guide to systematic review and meta-analysis of prediction model performance
  34. A closed testing procedure to select an appropriate method for updating prediction models
  35. GetReal in mathematical modelling: a review of studies predicting drug effectiveness in the real world
  36. Network meta-analysis using individual participant data
  37. External validation of clinical prediction models using big datasets from e-health records or IPD meta-analysis: opportunities and challenges
  38. Prediction models for cardiovascular disease risk in the general population: systematic review
  39. Explicit inclusion of treatment in prognostic modeling was recommended in observational and randomized settings
  40. GetReal in network meta-analysis: a review of the methodology
  41. Multivariate meta-analysis of individual participant data helped externally validate the performance and implementation of a prediction model
  42. Isoniazid Prophylactic Therapy for the Prevention of Tuberculosis in HIV Infected Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials
  43. Individual Participant Data (IPD) Meta-analyses of Diagnostic and Prognostic Modeling Studies: Guidance on Their Use
  44. Get real in individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis: a review of the methodology
  45. Qualitative elastography can replace thyroid nodule fine-needle aspiration in patients with soft thyroid nodules. A systematic review and meta-analysis
  46. Summarising and validating test accuracy results across multiple studies for use in clinical practice
  47. A new framework to enhance the interpretation of external validation studies of clinical prediction models
  48. Imputation of systematically missing predictors in an individual participant data meta-analysis: a generalized approach using MICE
  49. Meta-analysis and aggregation of multiple published prediction models
  50. Developing and validating risk prediction models in an individual participant data meta-analysis
  51. Clinical prediction models for bronchopulmonary dysplasia: a systematic review and external validation study
  52. Individual participant data meta-analyses should not ignore clustering
  53. Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis for a Binary Outcome: One-Stage or Two-Stage?
  54. A framework for developing, implementing, and evaluating clinical prediction models in an individual participant data meta-analysis
  55. Incorporating published univariable associations in diagnostic and prognostic modeling
  56. Aggregating published prediction models with individual participant data: a comparison of different approaches
  57. Development and validation of clinical prediction models: Marginal differences between logistic regression, penalized maximum likelihood estimation, and genetic programming