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  1. Individual participant data meta-analysis of continuous outcomes: A comparison of approaches for specifying and estimating one-stage models
  2. A framework for meta-analysis of prediction model studies with binary and time-to-event outcomes
  3. Simulation-based power calculations for planning a two-stage individual participant data meta-analysis
  4. Exploring the roles of urinary HAI-1, EpCAM & EGFR in bladder cancer prognosis & risk stratification
  5. Guidance for deriving and presenting percentage study weights in meta-analysis of test accuracy studies
  6. External validation, update and development of prediction models for pre-eclampsia using an Individual Participant Data (IPD) meta-analysis: the International Prediction of Pregnancy Complication Network (IPPIC pre-eclampsia) protocol
  7. Heavy + light chain analysis to assign myeloma response is analogous to the IMWG response criteria
  8. Meta-analysis of prediction model performance across multiple studies: Which scale helps ensure between-study normality for the C-statistic and calibration measures?
  9. A guide to systematic review and meta-analysis of prediction model performance
  10. External validation of clinical prediction models using big datasets from e-health records or IPD meta-analysis: opportunities and challenges
  11. Systematic review of prognostic models for recurrent venous thromboembolism (VTE) post-treatment of first unprovoked VTE
  12. Prediction of risk of recurrence of venous thromboembolism following treatment for a first unprovoked venous thromboembolism: systematic review, prognostic model and clinical decision rule, and economic evaluation
  13. Multivariate meta-analysis of individual participant data helped externally validate the performance and implementation of a prediction model
  14. Challenges in the development of prognostic models utilising clinical trials data
  15. Comparison and reproducibility of standard and high temporal resolution myocardial tissue tagging in patients with severe aortic stenosis