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  1. Plant-Derived Peptides: Potential Applications in Human Health
  2. A computational method to characterize the missense mutations in the catalytic domain of GAA protein causing Pompe disease
  3. Structural analysis of missense mutations in galactokinase 1 (GALK1) leading to galactosemia type-2
  4. In vitro efficacy and in silico analysis of cefixime-ofloxacin combination for Salmonella Typhi from bloodstream infection
  5. A Molecular Docking and Dynamics Approach to Screen Potent Inhibitors Against Fosfomycin Resistant Enzyme in Clinical Klebsiella pneumoniae
  6. Structural Analysis of G1691S Variant in the Human Filamin B Gene Responsible for Larsen Syndrome: A Comparative Computational Approach