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  1. Circular Transformation in MedTech Organizations
  2. Sustainability-related supply chain risks and supply chain performances
  3. The impact of tighter banking regulation on bank loan loss provisioning
  4. Supply chain risk assessment in disruptive times: opportunities and challenges
  5. The ESG ratings mediate the relationship between board gender diversity and firm performance?
  6. Digital transformation in Vietnamese SMEs
  7. Business intelligence and analytic stage-of-practice in micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises
  8. Ripple effect of disruptions on performance in supply chains: an empirical study
  9. Vietnam tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic: Tour operators’ perspectives
  10. Business Talk Events and Social Entrepreneurship
  11. High-Tech Start-Up Ecosystems in Vietnam: The Case of Quang Trung Software City (QTSC)
  12. Sustainability-oriented supply chain finance in Vietnam
  13. Design thinking-based Data Analytic Lifecycle for improving management control in banks
  14. Green financing for sustainable development: Insights from Vietnamese banks
  15. Green Bond in Southeast Asia
  16. Omnichannel marketing: structured review
  17. Developments in Financial Technologies for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  18. The Impact of ESG on Firm Performance in S&P 500 Non-Financial Firms
  19. Blockchain Applications in Vietnam: The Status Quo and the Transition Towards a Digital Economy
  20. Application of blockchain technology in crowdfunding platforms
  21. Family Culture and the Development of CSR Initiative of Immigrant Enterprises
  22. Can Blockchain Technology-based Crowdfunding advance the Social Value Creation
  23. The survival of hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic: a critical case study in Vietnam
  24. Women Entrepreneurs’ Career Advancement in Vietnam’s Coffee Industry
  25. Green Technology Transfer in the Developing Country
  26. Business Partner Roles of Management Accountants Through the Emergence of Sustainability Disclosures
  27. Systematic Review and Future Research Suggestions for Omnichannel Marketing
  28. Green Technology Transfer in Vietnam
  29. Integrated Reporting and Corporate Misreporting
  30. Scientists, Engineers and the Organisational Sustainability
  31. Innovation and Sustainability
  32. Technological Approaches to Sustainability
  33. Audit Quality and Firm Misreporting
  34. Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam
  35. Integrated Reporting and the Awareness of ESG Performance
  36. Accounting for capital investment appraisal