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  1. Lightweight geopolymer using Cellular Lightweight Cement (CLC) technique
  2. Pre-Dry Mixing Process of Low Carbon Alkaline-Activated Cement: Properties and Advantages in Practical Work of Construction
  3. Types of Raw Materials Using in Geopolymer: An overview
  4. Alternative self-generated heat sources, without oven, can improve geopolymer properties.
  5. Recycled Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight cement can be used as aggregates.
  6. Properties of geopolymer cement are effected by mixing methods.
  7. How dose temperature affect the properties of both geopolymer cement and Portland cement?
  8. Exothermic reaction of geopolymer synthesis provides positive effect of internal heat curing itself.
  9. Roles of calcium mineral from Portland cement in geopolymer cement matrix.