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  1. The Impact of CSR and Financial Distress on Financial Performance—Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies of the Manufacturing Industry
  2. Emission Embodied in International Trade and Its Responsibility from the Perspective of Global Value Chain: Progress, Trends, and Challenges
  3. Energy conservation and emission reduction path selection in China: A simulation based on Bi-Level multi-objective optimization model
  4. Carbon emission spillover and feedback effects in China based on a multiregional input-output model
  5. The contribution of China’s bilateral trade to global carbon emissions in the context of globalization
  6. Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in China 1990-2013
  7. The Contribution of China’s outward FDI to Reduction of Global CO2 Emissions
  8. Analysis of regional decoupling relationship between energy-related CO2 emission and economic growth in China