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  1. Metal aluminum amides for hydrogen storage – Crystal structure studies
  2. Tailoring the absorption–desorption properties of KSiH3 compound using nano-metals (Ni, Co, Nb) as catalyst
  3. Pure hydrogen-generating “doped” sodium hydrazinidoborane
  4. Ammonia-Based Hydrogen Storage Materials
  5. Metal hydride-based materials towards high performance negative electrodes for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries
  6. Ammonia Synthesis via Non-Equilibrium Reaction of Lithium Nitride in Hydrogen Flow Condition
  7. Evaluation of the enthalpy change due to hydrogen desorption for M–N–H (M = Li, Mg, Ca) systems by differential scanning calorimetry
  8. Thermodynamics on Ammonia Absorption of Metal Halides and Borohydrides
  9. ChemInform Abstract: Lithium Hydrazinidoborane: A Polymorphic Material with Potential for Chemical Hydrogen Storage.
  10. Cation/anion dependence of metal ammine borohydrides/chlorides studied by ab initio calculations
  11. Lithium Hydrazinidoborane: A Polymorphic Material with Potential for Chemical Hydrogen Storage
  12. Catalytic modification in dehydrogenation properties of KSiH3
  13. Thermochemical Energy Storage by Water-splitting Via Redox Reaction of Alkali Metals
  14. Effects of Metal Oxide Additives on Anode Properties of Magnesium Hydride for All-Solid-State Lithium Ion Batteries
  15. Local Structural Analysis on Decomposition Process of LiAl(ND2)4
  16. Correlation between electrochemical behavior and hydrogen storage properties of Li–Sn system
  17. Dehydrogenation process of AlH3 observed by TEM
  18. Hydrogen production via thermochemical water-splitting by lithium redox reaction
  19. Improved hydrogen desorption from lithium hydrazide by alkali metal hydride
  20. Hydrogen absorption of catalyzed magnesium below room temperature
  21. Synthesis of nickel nanoparticles with excellent thermal stability in micropores of zeolite
  22. Microscopic characterization of metal-carbon-hydrogen composites (metal = Li, Mg)
  23. Phase and morphology evolution study of ball milled Mg–Co hydrogen storage alloys
  24. Synthesis and characterization of magnesium–carbon compounds for hydrogen storage
  25. Microstructure and hydrogen desorption characteristics of hydrogenated ScH2–MBn (M = Mg and Ca) systems synthesized by mechanical milling
  26. Destabilization of LiH by Li Insertion into Ge
  27. Sodium Hydrazinidoborane: A Chemical Hydrogen-Storage Material
  28. Anode properties of magnesium hydride catalyzed with niobium oxide for an all solid-state lithium-ion battery
  29. Hydrogen Storage Materials
  30. Thermochemical Water-splitting Reaction by Alkali Metal-Cobalt Oxide
  31. Ammonia Synthesis via Non-Equilibrium Reaction of Lithium Nitride in Hydrogen Flow Condition
  32. 炭素系物質の化学的水素貯蔵
  33. Synthesis of Calcium Borohydride by Milling Hydrogenation of Hydride and Boride
  34. Catalytic Effect of Niobium Oxide on Hydrogen Absorption and Desorption Process for Magnesium
  35. 特集「固体中の水素と材料特性」によせて
  36. Low-temperature water-splitting by sodium redox reaction
  37. Improvement of reaction kinetics by metal chloride on ammonia and lithium hydride system
  38. First-Principles Calculations of Potassium Amidoborane KNH 2 BH 3 : Structure and 39 K NMR Spectroscopy
  39. Raman Scattering Study of Hydrogen Storage Material LiNH 2
  40. Formation of NaCl-Type Monodeuteride LaD by the Disproportionation Reaction of LaD 2
  41. The anharmonic vibration of Li in lithium amide
  42. Lithium hydrazide as a potential compound for hydrogen storage
  43. Comparative Study of Structural Changes in NH 3 BH 3 , LiNH 2 BH 3 , and KNH 2 BH 3 During Dehydrogenation Process
  44. Cluster size effect on hydrogen desorption process from LinHn–NH3 hydrogen storage system
  45. Electrochemical charge and discharge properties for the formation of magnesium and aluminum hydrides
  46. Liquid ammonia electrolysis by platinum electrodes
  47. Correlation between kinetics and chemical bonding state of catalyst surface in catalyzed magnesium hydride
  48. Identifying catalyst in Li-N-H system by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
  49. Compressed hydrogen production via reaction between liquid ammonia and alkali metal hydride
  50. Variable temperature neutron diffraction studies of single crystals of LiND2
  51. Ammonia Desorption Property and Structural Changes of LiAl(NH 2 ) 4 on Thermal Decomposition
  52. Ab initio study on the hydrogen desorption from $\rm {MH\text{–}NH}_3$MH–NH3 (M = Li, Na, K) hydrogen storage systems
  53. Hydrogen Storage Properties of Hydrogenated Graphite and Lithium Hydride Nanocomposite
  54. Catalytic Effect of Ti−Li−N Compounds in the Li−N−H System on Hydrogen Desorption Properties
  55. Electronic structure of lithium amide
  56. Improvement of hydrogen desorption kinetics in the LiH–NH3 system by addition of KH
  57. Crystal structure and dynamics of Mg(ND3)6Cl2
  58. X-Ray crystal structure of [HSm{VIVO(TPPS)}]n and encapsulation of nitrogen molecules in 1-D channels
  59. Solid state NMR study on the thermal decomposition pathway of sodium amidoborane NaNH2BH3
  60. Synthesis and characterization of lithium–carbon compounds for hydrogen storage
  61. Hydrogen storage properties of lithium silicon alloy synthesized by mechanical alloying
  62. Thermal decomposition of alkaline-earth metal hydride and ammonia borane composites
  63. ChemInform Abstract: Structural and Thermal Gas Desorption Properties of Metal Aluminum Amides.
  64. Anomalous hydrogen absorption on non-stoichiometric iron-carbon compound
  65. Activation of Ammonia Borane Hybridized with Alkaline−Metal Hydrides: A Low-Temperature and High-Purity Hydrogen Generation Material
  66. Structural and thermal gas desorption properties of metal aluminum amides
  67. Superior Hydrogen Exchange Effect in the MgH 2 −LiBH 4 System
  68. Amides, Imides and Mixtures
  69. Thermodynamic Characterization on Hydrogen Absorption and Desorption Reactions of Lithium – Silicon Alloy
  70. Hydrogen Exchange Effect in MgH2-LiBH4 System
  71. Hydrogen Desorption Reaction between Hydrogen-Containing Functional Groups and Lithium Hydride
  72. Reaction between magnesium ammine complex compound and lithium hydride
  73. H2 desorption from LiH cluster and NH3 molecule studied by ab initio molecular dynamics simulation
  74. Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of liquid ammonia
  75. Catalytic effect of ATiO3 (A = Sr, Ba) on ammonia decomposition during mechanical milling
  76. Thermodynamic properties of metal amides determined by ammonia pressure-composition isotherms
  77. Recyclable hydrogen storage system composed of ammonia and alkali metal hydride
  78. X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Study on Valence State and Local Atomic Structure of Transition Metal Oxides Doped in MgH 2
  79. Molecular hydrogen carrier with activated nanohydride and ammonia
  80. The reaction process of hydrogen absorption and desorption on the nanocomposite of hydrogenated graphite and lithium hydride
  81. Electron Spin Resonance Investigation of Hydrogen Absorption in Ball-Milled Graphite
  82. Thermodynamic properties of lithium amide under hydrogen pressure determined by Raman spectroscopy
  83. FUELS – HYDROGEN STORAGE | Complex Hydrides
  84. Electrochemical Charge for the Formation of Metal Hydrides from LiH+M (M=Mg, Al)
  85. In-situ TEM Observation for Reaction of LiH with NH3 by Means of Environmental Cell
  86. Hydrogenation properties of lithium intercalated graphite
  87. Hydrogen desorption processes in Li–Mg–N–H systems
  88. Characterization of hydrogen absorption/desorption states on lithium-carbon-hydrogen system by neutron diffraction
  89. Investigation of reaction between LiNH2 and H2
  90. Hydrogen desorption properties of Li–BN–H system synthesized by mechanical milling
  91. Dehydrogenation reaction of Li–Mg–N–H systems studied by in situ synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction and powder neutron diffraction
  92. Evaluation of enthalpy change due to hydrogen desorption for lithium amide/imide system by differential scanning calorimetry
  93. SEM and TEM characterization of magnesium hydride catalyzed with Ni nano-particle or Nb2O5
  94. Hydrogenation properties of lithium intercalated graphite
  95. The structural properties of amides and imides as hydrogen storage materials
  96. Hydrogen storage properties in a composite of lithium hydride and boron nitride with hydrocarbon groups
  97. Thermal analysis on the Li–Mg–B–H systems
  98. Quantity of NH3 desorption from the Li–N–H hydrogen storage system examined by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
  99. Characterization of titanium based catalysts in the Li-N-H hydrogen storage system by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  100. Hydrogen absorption kinetics of the catalyzed MgH2 by niobium oxide
  101. Hydrogen desorption/absorption properties of Li–Ca–N–H system
  102. Hydrogen storage properties of hydrogenated graphite destabilized by mixing with lithium hydride
  103. The Crystal Structure of LiND2 and Mg(ND2)2.
  104. A process for synthesizing the Li–Mg–N–H hydrogen storage system from Mg and LiNH2
  105. Thermodynamic and structural properties of ball-milled mixtures composed of nano-structural graphite and alkali(-earth) metal hydride
  106. Observation of hydrogen absorption/desorption reaction processes in Li–Mg–N–H system by in-situ X-ray diffractmetry
  107. A New Concept of Hydrogen Storage Using Lithium Hydride and Ammonia
  108. Gas Emission Properties of the MgHx-Zn(BH4)2 Systems
  109. Hydrogen storage properties of hydrogenated graphite destabilized by mixing with lithium hydride
  110. The crystal structure of LiND2 and Mg(ND2)2
  111. Remarkable Improvement of Hydrogen Sorption Kinetics in Magnesium Catalyzed with Nb2O5.
  112. Recent development on hydrogen storage properties in metal–N–H systems
  113. Recent development on hydrogen storage materials composed of light elements
  114. Catalytic effect of niobium oxide on hydrogen storage properties of mechanically ball milled MgH2
  115. Hydrogen storage properties of nano-structural carbon and metal hydrides composites
  116. Remarkable improvement of hydrogen sorption kinetics in magnesium catalyzed with Nb2O5
  117. Hydrogen Storage Properties of Li−Mg−N−H Systems with Different Ratios of LiH/Mg(NH 2 ) 2
  118. Synthesis and decomposition reactions of metal amides in metal–N–H hydrogen storage system
  119. Electrode properties of a double layer capacitor of nano-structured graphite produced by ball milling under a hydrogen atmosphere
  120. Light Metal Amide/Imide Systems for On-Board Hydrogen Storage Materials
  121. Hydrogen storage properties in Ti catalyzed Li–N–H system
  122. Desorption behaviours from metal–N–H systems synthesized by ball milling
  123. Catalytic effect of Ni nano-particle and Nb oxide on H-desorption properties in MgH2 prepared by ball milling
  124. Effect of Ti catalyst with different chemical form on Li–N–H hydrogen storage properties
  125. Hydrogen Desorption Mechanism in a Li—N—H System by Means of the Isotopic Exchange Technique.
  126. Hydrogen absorption properties of Li–Mg–N–H system
  127. Nuclear-magnetic-resonance measurements of the hydrogen dynamics in nanocrystalline graphite
  128. Hydrogen desorption properties of the Ca–N–H system
  129. Hydrogen Desorption Mechanism in a Li−N−H System by Means of the Isotopic Exchange Technique
  130. Rechargeable hydrogen storage in nanostructured mixtures of hydrogenated carbon and lithium hydride
  131. Mechanism of Hydrogenation Reaction in the Li−Mg−N−H System
  132. Catalytic Effect of Nanoparticle 3d-Transition Metals on Hydrogen Storage Properties in Magnesium Hydride MgH 2 Prepared by Mechanical Milling
  133. Quantitative estimation of NH3 partial pressure in H2 desorbed from the Li–N–H system by Raman spectroscopy
  134. Hydrogen Desorption Properties of Lithium–Carbon–Hydrogen System
  135. Composite Materials based on Light Elements for Hydrogen Storage
  136. Microstructures of Graphite Mechanically Milled Under Hydrogen Gas or Argon Gas Atmosphere with Zirconia Balls or Chromium Steel Balls
  137. Mechanism of Novel Reaction from LiNH2 and LiH to Li2NH and H2 as a Promising Hydrogen Storage System.
  138. New Metal—N—H System Composed of Mg(NH2)2 and LiH for Hydrogen Storage.
  139. Correction to “New Metal−N−H System Composed of Mg(NH 2 ) 2 and LiH for Hydrogen Storage”
  140. Multiple-Gap Features from Break-Junction Tunneling in the Superconducting MgB 2
  141. New Metal−N−H System Composed of Mg(NH 2 ) 2 and LiH for Hydrogen Storage
  142. Mechanism of Novel Reaction from LiNH 2 and LiH to Li 2 NH and H 2 as a Promising Hydrogen Storage System
  143. Hydrogen storage properties on mechanically milled graphite
  144. Raman Scattering and Infrared Absorption Investigation of Hydrogen Configuration State in Mechanically Milled Graphite under H 2 Gas Atmosphere
  145. Correlation between hydrogen storage properties and structural characteristics in mechanically milled magnesium hydride MgH2
  146. Catalytic effect of 3d transition metals on hydrogen storage properties in mechanically milled graphite
  147. Lithium nitride for reversible hydrogen storage
  148. Unusual hydrogen absorption properties in graphite mechanically milled under various hydrogen pressures up to 6 MPa