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  1. Effect of ZrCrCo alloy on hydrogen storage properties of Mg
  2. Tailoring the absorption–desorption properties of KSiH3 compound using nano-metals (Ni, Co, Nb) as catalyst
  3. Catalytic modification in dehydrogenation properties of KSiH3
  4. Correlation between electrochemical behavior and hydrogen storage properties of Li–Sn system
  5. Kinetic Enhancement in the Sorption Properties by Forming Mg– x wt % ZrCrCu Composites
  6. Phase and morphology evolution study of ball milled Mg–Co hydrogen storage alloys
  7. Destabilization of LiH by Li Insertion into Ge
  8. Hydrogen storage properties of Mg2Ni affected by Cr catalyst
  9. Effect of Cu catalyst on the hydrogenation and thermodynamic properties of Mg2Ni
  10. Hydriding behavior of Mg-50 wt% ZrCrFe composite Prepared by high energy ball milling
  11. Comparative study on hydrogenation properties of Pd capped Mg and Mg/Al films
  12. Effect of La-content on the hydrogenation properties of the Ce1−xLaxNi3Cr2 (x=0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1) alloys
  13. Impurity Gas Analysis of the Decomposition of Complex Hydrides
  14. The effects of Ni and Mg2Ni interlayer on hydrogenation properties of Pd sandwiched Mg films
  15. Structural and H2 sorption properties of MgH2–10 wt%ZrCrM (M = Cu, Ni) nano-composites
  16. Mobility and dynamics in the complex hydrides LiAlH4 and LiBH4
  17. Correlation between the milling time and hydrogen storage properties of ZrCrFe ternary alloy
  18. Synthesis of nano-crystalline Zr-M (M=Ni, Co, Fe, Cu) bilayer films and their thermodynamics of hydrogen uptake by resistance measurement
  19. Novel hydrogen storage materials: A review of lightweight complex hydrides
  20. Hydrogen storage in Mg: A most promising material
  21. Catalytic effect of ZrCrNi alloy on hydriding properties of MgH2
  22. Correlation between the milling time and hydrogen-storage properties of nanostructured ZrFeNi ternary alloy
  23. Ion beam induced mixing at Co/Si interface
  24. Structural and Mössbauer spectroscopic study of cubic phase ZrFe2−xMnx hydrogen storage alloy
  25. Structural and thermodynamical investigations of La0.23Ni0.34Co0.33Nd0.08Ti0.01Al0.01 hydrogen storage alloy
  26. Hydrogen absorption effects in ZrFe2−xNix compounds by means of 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy
  27. Thermodynamics and structural aspects of hydrogen absorption in Zr1-xCrxFe2Zr1-xCrxFe2 alloys
  28. Hydrogenation behaviour of Ce-based AB5 intermetallic compounds
  29. Electrical and optical properties of hydrogenated RNi5/CoRNi5/Co (R=CeR=Ce, La) bi-layer systems
  30. Crystal structure, hydrogen absorption and thermodynamics of Zr1−xCoxFe2 alloys
  31. Surface morphology and the phase formation at Cr/Si system
  32. Characterization and hydrogenation of CeNi5−xCrx (x=0, 1, 2) alloys
  33. Hydrogen uptake characteristics of mischmetal based alloy
  34. Structural and electrical properties of swift heavy ion beam irradiated Co/Si interface
  35. Structural, electrical and thermodynamical aspects of hydrogenated La-Ni-Si alloy