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  1. Do gestures really facilitate speech production?
  2. Personal narrative as a “breeding ground” for higher-order thinking talk in early parent–child interactions.
  3. Crosslinguistic similarity and variation in the simultaneous morphology of sign languages
  4. Number gestures predict learning of number words
  5. Parents’ early book reading to children: Relation to children's later language and literacy outcomes controlling for other parent language input
  6. Occluding the face diminishes the conceptual accessibility of an animate agent
  7. Taking a Hands-on Approach to Learning
  8. The development of iconicity in children’s co-speech gesture and homesign
  9. Prosody in a communication system developed without a language model
  10. Widening the lens: what the manual modality reveals about language, learning and cognition
  11. In search of resilient and fragile properties of language
  12. How handshape type can distinguish between nouns and verbs in homesign
  13. The two faces of gesture
  14. The two faces of gesture: Language and thought
  15. Language and Environment