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  1. Efficient Supply Chain Contracting with Loss-averse Players in Presence of Multiple Plausible Breaches
  2. Why do students collaborate to cheat in exams, and what prompts them to confess their offence?
  3. Attaining herd immunity through multi-stage policies incentivising voluntary vaccination
  4. Did Lille, Atletico or Leicester win their respective leagues riding on their luck? Possibly not.
  5. How do you make a choice for others when you don't know what they expect from you?
  6. Coordinating a closed loop supply chain with fairness concern by a constant wholesale price contract
  7. Manufacturer competition and collusion in a two-echelon green supply chain
  8. India's e-reverse auctions (2017–2018) for allocating renewable energy capacity: An evaluation
  9. Gratitude, Conscience, and Reciprocity: Models of Supplier Motivation
  10. Gift-selection for Close Recipients: How Perceived Similarity of Preferences Affect Giver’s Attitude
  11. How Cooperative Is ‘Cooperative Investment'?
  12. Stakeholder Fairness Under an Induced ‘Veil of Ignorance': Findings From a Laboratory Experiment
  13. Incorporating a ‘No Claim Bonus’ in Insurance Agency Contract
  14. Why teams using more crosses score less goals in football?
  15. Pitch Actions That Distinguish High Scoring Teams
  16. Why people go by their own preferences while making choices for others?
  17. Why is R&D expenditure so high in systems industry?
  18. Why people subscribe to multiple social networking platforms?
  19. How the auction mechanism helps an innovator to sell the license of a patented innovation