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  1. Carbon as a hole extracting layer for CdS based self-powered photodetector devices
  2. Highly Reactive Crystalline (001) Facet of BiI3 Hexagonal Nanoplates for Visible Light Photodetectors
  3. Fabrication of pectin biopolymer‐based biocompatible freestanding electrodes for supercapacitor applications
  4. Ambient evaporation-induced electricity generation in activated carbon-water interfaced three-dimensional hydrovoltaic device
  5. Self-powered white light photodetector with enhanced photoresponse using camphor sulphonic acid treated CsPbBr3 perovskite in carbon matrix
  6. Solvent Evaporation Induced Large-Scale Synthesis of Cs4PbBr6 and CsPbBr3 Microcrystals: Optical Properties and Backlight Application for LEDs
  7. Synthesis of Mn2+:CsPb (Br1−xClx)3 perovskite quantum dots in an ambient atmosphere: stability analysis and self-powered photodetector applications
  8. Activated carbon-cement composite coated polyurethane foam as a cost-efficient solar steam generator
  9. Self-powered bio-photodetector from the paper-like free-standing film of cyanobacteria Nostoc commune
  10. Fabrication of Biomimetic Transparent and Flexible Pectin/PEG Composite Film for Temperature Sensing Applications
  11. Alloyed Cu2Fe1-xBaxSnS4 for photoelectrochemical applications: band gap tailoring and structural transition
  12. Urea-mediated synthesized carbon quantum dots to tune the electrochemical performance of polyaniline nanorods for supercapacitor device
  13. Bismuth sulfoiodide (BiSI) for photo-chargeable charge storage device
  14. Self-powered low-range pressure sensor using biopolymer composites
  15. Polymer Modified Banana Pseudo Stem-based Interfacial Solar-driven Evaporation System
  16. Enhanced Photoluminescence Quantum Yield, Lifetime, and Photodetector Responsivity of CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots via Antimony Tribromide Post-Treatment
  17. Synthesis of lead-free Cs3Sb2Cl3Br6 halide perovskite through solution processing method for self-powered photodetector applications
  18. Formation of 2D-Layered (CH3NH3)3Sb2I9 Lead-Free Perovskite Phase from CH3NH3I and SbSI: Photodetection Activity in Carbon Based Lateral Devices
  19. Solution-processed photoactive trigonal Cu2BaSnS4 thin films for efficient solar energy harvesting
  20. Fabrication of MnS/GO/PANI nanocomposites on a highly conducting graphite electrode for supercapacitor application
  21. Silver Bismuth Iodide Nanomaterials as Lead-Free Perovskite for Visible Light Photodetection
  22. BiFeO3-Thiourea/Carbon heterostructure based self-powered white light photodetector
  23. Carbon-based Nanocomposites for Advancements in Electrochemical Energy Storage
  24. Photoactive Cu2FeSnS4 thin films: Influence of stabilizers
  25. Recent advances of lead-free metal halide perovskite single crystals and nanocrystals: synthesis, crystal structure, optical properties, and their diverse applications
  26. Fabrication of organic nanocomposite of polyaniline for enhanced electrochemical performance
  27. Multiple negative differential resistance in perovskite (CH3NH3PbI3) decorated electrospun TiO2 nanofibers
  28. Barium Substitution in Kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4: Cu2Zn1–xBaxSnS4 Quinary Alloy Thin Films for Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting
  29. Reversible Light-Responsive Solventless-Liquid Switch: Polarization-Induced Dynamic Surface Ordering–Disordering in Liquid-Like Carbon Quantum Dots
  30. Double perovskite Cs4CuSb2Cl12 microcrystalline device for cost effective photodetector applications
  31. Development and characterization of photodiode from p-Cu2CdSnS4/n-Bi2S3 heterojunction
  32. 2D Layered Structure of Bismuth Oxyhalides for Advanced Applications
  33. Structurally Engineered Two-Dimensional Layered Bismuth Oxyiodide Surfaces as a “Dip Photocatalyst” for a Photocatalytic Reaction
  34. Polyaniline decorated manganese oxide nanoflakes coated graphene oxide as a hybrid-supercapacitor for high performance energy storage application
  35. Photo-enhanced supercapacitive behaviour of photoactive Cu2FeSnS4 (CFTS) nanoparticles
  36. Solution phase fabrication of photoactive Cu2BaSnS4 thin films for solar energy harvesting
  37. Carbon Assisted Methylammonium Lead Iodide Microcrystalline Device for an Inexpensive Self-Powered Photodetector
  38. Glycine-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of NiCo2S4 as an active electrode material for supercapacitors
  39. Molybdenum disulfide/reduced graphene oxide hybrids with enhanced electrocatalytic activity: An efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
  40. Facet-Engineered Surfaces of Two-Dimensional Layered BiOI and Au–BiOI Substrates for Tuning the Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering and Visible Light Photodetector Response
  41. Corrigendum to “Brush like polyaniline on vanadium oxide decorated reduced graphene oxide: Efficient electrode materials for supercapacitor” [J. Energy Storage 22 (2019) 188–193]
  42. Simple synthesis route of glycine-assisted PANi-NiCo2O4 porous powder for electrochemical application
  43. Brush like polyaniline on vanadium oxide decorated reduced graphene oxide: Efficient electrode materials for supercapacitor
  44. Electrical bistability and memory switching phenomenon in Cu2FeSnS4 thin films: role of p-n junction
  45. One-dimensional SbSI crystals from Sb, S, and I mixtures in ethylene glycol for solar energy harvesting
  46. Substitution of Zn in Earth‐Abundant Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 based thin film solar cells – A status review
  47. TiO2-carbon quantum dots (CQD) nanohybrid: enhanced photocatalytic activity
  48. Electrical bistability of sol-gel derived Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 thin films
  49. Carbon-polyaniline nanocomposites as supercapacitor materials
  50. Light-dependent negative differential resistance in MEH-PPV decorated electrospun TiO2 mat
  51. Photoinduced electrical bistability of sputter deposited CdZnTe thin films
  52. Single and twinned plates of 2D layered BiI3 for use as nanoscale pressure sensors
  53. Low cost hot drop casting of CuS transparent conducting electrodes
  54. Lead Iodide Microcrystals in Carbon Composite Matrix for Low Power Photodetectors
  55. Annealing Induced Shape Transformation of CZTS Nanorods Based Thin Films
  56. Impact of molybdenum out diffusion and interface quality on the performance of sputter grown CZTS based solar cells
  57. Solution processed Cu2CdSnS4 as a low-cost inorganic hole transport material for polymer solar cells
  58. Photovoltaic effect in earth abundant solution processed Cu 2 MnSnS 4 and Cu 2 MnSn(S,Se) 4 thin films
  59. 8.6% Efficiency CZTSSe solar cell with atomic layer deposited Zn-Sn-O buffer layer
  60. Catalytic effect of Bi 5+ in enhanced solar water splitting of tetragonal BiV 0.8 Mo 0.2 O 4
  61. Wire-shaped perovskite solar cell based on TiO2nanotubes
  62. Synthesis, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Properties of In2S3, ZnIn2S4, and CdIn2S4 Nanocrystals
  63. Fabrication of low-cost carbon paste based counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
  64. Carbon nanotubes as an efficient hole collector for high voltage methylammonium lead bromide perovskite solar cells
  65. Sputter grown sub-micrometer thick Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film for photovoltaic device application
  66. Antimony Doping in Solution-processed Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4Solar Cells
  67. Cation Substitution of Solution-Processed Cu2ZnSnS4Thin Film Solar Cell with over 9% Efficiency
  68. Effect of Zn(O,S) buffer layer thickness on charge carrier relaxation dynamics of CuInSe 2 solar cell
  69. Synthesis of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 thin films using an aqueous spray-pyrolysis approach, and their solar cell efficiency of 10.5%
  70. Influence of chiral ligands on the gel formation of a Mg(ii) coordination polymer
  71. Graphene oxide supported sodium stannate lithium ion battery anodes by the peroxide route: low temperature and no waste processing
  72. Antimony and antimony oxide@graphene oxide obtained by the peroxide route as anodes for lithium-ion batteries
  73. Formation of CuIn(SxSe1−x)2 microcrystals from CuInSe2 nanoparticles by two step solvothermal method
  74. TiO2 nanotube arrays based flexible perovskite solar cells with transparent carbon nanotube electrode
  75. ZnS buffer layer for Cu2ZnSn(SSe)4 monograin layer solar cell
  76. Inside Back Cover: Photoactive Nanocrystals by Low-Temperature Welding of Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles and Indium Sulfide Nanosheets (ChemSusChem 12/2014)
  77. Facile Water-based Spray Pyrolysis of Earth-Abundant Cu 2 FeSnS 4 Thin Films as an Efficient Counter Electrode in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  78. Photoactive Nanocrystals by Low-Temperature Welding of Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles and Indium Sulfide Nanosheets
  79. Laminated Carbon Nanotube Networks for Metal Electrode-Free Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells
  80. Spray Pyrolysis of CuIn(S,Se)2 Solar Cells with 5.9% Efficiency: A Method to Prevent Mo Oxidation in Ambient Atmosphere
  81. Bulk antimony sulfide with excellent cycle stability as next-generation anode for lithium-ion batteries
  82. Electrodeposition of single phase CuInSe2 for solar energy harvesting: Role of different acidic additives
  83. Nanocrystalline tin disulfide coating of reduced graphene oxide produced by the peroxostannate deposition route for sodium ion battery anodes
  84. Photophysical investigation of charge recombination in CdS/ZnO layers of CuIn(S,Se)2 solar cell
  85. High-capacity antimony sulphide nanoparticle-decorated graphene composite as anode for sodium-ion batteries
  86. Self-Assembled Ultrathin Anatase TiO2Nanosheets with Reactive (001) Facets for Highly Enhanced Reversible Li Storage
  87. A ZnO nanowire resistive switch
  88. Nanoparticle-Induced Grain Growth of Carbon-Free Solution-Processed CuIn(S,Se) 2 Solar Cell with 6% Efficiency
  89. Synthesis of Cu 2 SnSe 3 Nanocrystals for Solution Processable Photovoltaic Cells
  90. Nanoclay Gelation Approach toward Improved Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Efficiencies: An Investigation of Charge Transport and Shift in the TiO 2 Conduction Band
  91. Chemical welding of binary nanoparticles: room temperature sintering of CuSe and In2S3 nanoparticles for solution-processed CuInSxSe1−x solar cells
  92. Low temperature synthesis of wurtzite zinc sulfide (ZnS) thin films by chemical spray pyrolysis
  93. Nanocrystalline copper indium selenide (CuInSe2) particles for solar energy harvesting
  94. Additions and Corrections
  95. In situ photo-assisted deposition of MoS2 electrocatalyst onto zinc cadmium sulphide nanoparticle surfaces to construct an efficient photocatalyst for hydrogen generation
  96. Conversion of Hydroperoxoantimonate Coated Graphenes to Sb 2 S 3 @Graphene for a Superior Lithium Battery Anode
  97. Optical and Electrical Properties of Wurtzite Copper Indium Sulfide Nanoflakes
  98. Novel Assembly of an MoS2Electrocatalyst onto a Silicon Nanowire Array Electrode to Construct a Photocathode Composed of Elements Abundant on the Earth for Hydrogen Generation
  99. Co 3 O 4 -Decorated Hematite Nanorods As an Effective Photoanode for Solar Water Oxidation
  100. Graphene oxide organogel electrolyte for quasi solid dye sensitized solar cells
  101. Morphology and stoichiometry control of hierarchical CuInSe2/SnO2 nanostructures by directed electrochemical assembly for solar energy harvesting
  102. Metal/metal sulfide functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes: FTO-free counter electrodes for dye sensitized solar cells
  103. A selective co-sensitization approach to increase photon conversion efficiency and electron lifetime in dye-sensitized solar cells
  104. Enhancing the photocatalytic efficiency of TiO2 nanopowders for H2 production by using non-noble transition metal co-catalysts
  105. A cuprous oxide–reduced graphene oxide (Cu2O–rGO) composite photocatalyst for hydrogen generation: employing rGO as an electron acceptor to enhance the photocatalytic activity and stability of Cu2O
  106. Solution-processed CuZn1−xAlxS2: a new memory material with tuneable electrical bistability
  107. Solution processed transition metal sulfides: application as counter electrodes in dye sensitized solar cells (DSCs)
  108. Fluorescent Coordination Polymeric Gel from Tartaric Acid-Assisted Self-Assembly
  109. Shape-dependent nonlinear absorption and relaxation in CuInS2 nanocrystals
  110. Mesoscale Self-Assembly of Highly Luminescent Zinc Tellurite Nanoclusters
  111. Phase-Selective Synthesis of CuInS 2 Nanocrystals
  112. Coordination-Polymeric Nanofibers and their Field-Emission Properties
  113. ChemInform Abstract: Axial-Junction Nanowires of Ag2Te-Ag as a Memory Element.
  114. Cover Picture: Fluorescent Magnesium(II) Coordination Polymeric Hydrogel (Chem. Eur. J. 29/2008)
  115. Axial-Junction Nanowires of Ag 2 Te−Ag As a Memory Element
  116. Fluorescent Magnesium(II) Coordination Polymeric Hydrogel
  117. Hierarchical Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes-Liquid Crystal Nanocomposite
  118. Organization of Organic Molecules with Inorganic Nanoparticles: Hybrid Nanodiodes
  119. Fluorescence enhancement of coordination polymeric gel
  120. A Bit per Particle: Electrostatic Assembly of CdSe Quantum Dots as Memory Elements
  121. Rheology and Morphology of Extruded Blends of Polystyrene with Biodegradable Polyesters
  122. Electrical Bistability in Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites
  123. pn -Junction Rectifiers Based on p -ZnO and n -ZnO Nanoparticles
  124. Role of TiO2 nanoparticles on the photoinduced intramolecular electron-transfer reaction within a novel synthesized donor–acceptor system
  125. Vertically aligned ZnO nanowire arrays in Rose Bengal-based dye-sensitized solar cells
  126. Organic photodetectors with electrically bistable electron acceptors and nanotubes
  127. Electronically Interacting Composite Systems for Electrical Bistability and Memory Applications
  128. In-Situ Synthesis of Soluble Poly(3-hexylthiophene)/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite:  Morphology, Structure, and Conductivity
  129. Rectifying junction in a single ZnO vertical nanowire
  130. Studies on Nanocrystalline Ag2Se
  131. Solvothermal synthesis of bismuth selenide nanotubes
  132. Electrical Bistability in Electrostatic Assemblies of CdSe Nanoparticles
  133. The effect of Ag2O doping and crystallization on the properties of lead–vanadate glass
  134. Acoustic study of nano-crystal embedded PbO-P2O5 glass
  135. Morphological Modifications of Selenium by Recrystallization of its Aqueous Complex Solutions
  136. Morphological evolution of selenium micro-crystals
  137. Preparation and Characterization of Silver−Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Nanocomposites:  Formation of Piezoelectric Polymorph of Poly(vinylidene fluoride)
  138. Electrical Bistability and Memory Phenomenon in Carbon Nanotube-Conjugated Polymer Matrixes
  139. Nanorods of Tellurium: Synthesis and Self-Assembly
  140. Functionalized carbon nanotubes in donor/acceptor-type photovoltaic devices
  141. Preparation and photophysical properties of nanostructured 9-cyanoanthracene
  142. Micropatterns of Ag2Se Nanocrystals
  143. Synthesis of Sb2Se3 nanorod using β-cyclodextrin
  144. Acoustic and optical properties of (Li2O)0.2−x(Na2O)x(TeO2)0.8 glasses
  145. Self-assembly of tellurium nanorods