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  1. The role of institutional entrepreneurship in the development of accounting in the early 20th century in China
  2. RMIT accounting educators’ conference: 2016 ‘accounting education what it is, and what it is not’
  3. Are accounting academics culturally intelligent?: An empirical investigation
  4. Understanding why accountants commit fraud
  5. Accounting, auditing and governance in the SAARC group of nations
  6. Accounting academics’ teaching self-efficacy and ethics integration in accounting courses
  7. The effect of body-movement teaching, learning motivation and performance
  8. Burnout among university accounting educators in Australia and New Zealand: determinants and implications
  9. Anti-bribery disclosures: A response to networked governance
  10. The Influence of Remuneration Structures on Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from Australia
  11. Reclaiming ‘Sense’ from ‘Cents’ in Accounting Education
  12. Towards a conceptual framework on the categorization of stereotypical perceptions in accounting
  13. Chinese Students’ Perceptions of the Teaching in an Australian Accounting Programme – An Exploratory Study
  14. The effect of a custodial sentence and professional disqualification on reintegration
  15. Ethics Education in the Australian Accounting Curriculum: A Longitudinal Study Examining Barriers and Enablers
  16. Students’ perceptions on using iPods in accounting education: a mobile‐learning experience
  17. Conversations with inmate accountants: Motivation, opportunity and the fraud triangle
  18. Experiential learning in accounting education: A prison visit
  19. Governance and accountability in Australian charitable organisations
  20. The impact of a computerised consolidation accounting package (CCAP) on student performance
  21. Governance characteristics and role effectiveness of audit committees
  22. Observations on audit committee characteristics
  23. Perceptions of corporate social and environmental accounting and reporting practices from accountants in Bangladesh
  24. Interpreting the Public Interest: A Survey of Professional Accountants
  25. Ethics Education for Accounting Students—a Toolkit Approach
  26. Reflections on the public interest in accounting
  27. Internationalising auditing standards: stakeholder views on Australia's strategic directions
  28. Leadership, Culture and Employee Deceit: the case of the National Australia Bank
  29. Professional accounting bodies' perceptions of ethical issues, causes of ethical failure and ethics education
  30. Making a Difference with a Discrete Course on Accounting Ethics
  31. Measuring moral judgement and the implications of cooperative education and rule-based learning
  32. The moral reasoning abilities of Australian and Malaysian accounting students: A comparative analysis