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  1. Integration of carbon risks and opportunities in enterprise risk management systems: evidence from Australian firms
  2. A study of voluntary disclosure of listed Chinese firms – a stakeholder perspective
  3. An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Greenhouse Gas Voluntary Disclosure in Australia
  4. Voluntary Disclosure in a Changing Regulatory Environment–Evidence from Chinese Stock Market
  5. Accountability structures and management relationships of internal audit
  6. Accounting Services and SMEs: An Australian Study
  7. Internal audit – an Asia‐Pacific profile and the level of compliance with Internal Auditing Standards
  8. A critical analysis of the independence of the internal audit function: evidence from Australia
  9. Ethics Education for Accounting Students—a Toolkit Approach
  10. Professional accounting bodies' perceptions of ethical issues, causes of ethical failure and ethics education
  11. The Asia Pacific literature review on internal auditing
  12. The effects of accounting students' ethical reasoning and personal factors on their ethical sensitivity
  13. IES 4 — Ethics Education Revisited
  14. Cultural impact on Chinese corporate disclosure – a corporate governance perspective
  15. Measuring moral judgement and the implications of cooperative education and rule-based learning
  16. Accountants, Ethical Issues and the Corporate Governance Context
  17. The Mad Hatter’s corporate tea party
  18. Defining Ethical Investment and its Demography in Australia
  19. Defining Ethical Investment and its Demography in Australia
  20. Benchmarking ‐ a comparison of internal audit in Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong
  21. Health care internal auditing
  22. Internal Audit: An Australian Profile