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  1. From physical to virtual art exhibitions and beyond: Survey and some issues for consideration for the metaverse
  2. Digital Tools for Data Acquisition and Heritage Management in Archaeology and Their Impact on Archaeological Practices
  3. Use of XR technologies for fostering visitors' experience and inclusion at industrial museums
  4. Mobile and Multimodal HCI Design Approaches in Museums for People with Impairments
  5. Evaluating the Design of an Art Student Framework Supporting XR Exhibitions
  6. The ARTEST project: the future of digital humanities teaching and learning
  7. XR technologies for self-regulated student exhibitions in art education: survey and first design considerations
  8. First results of a survey concerning the use of digital human avatars in museums and cultural heritage sites
  9. Virtual Humans in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites
  10. 3D Documentation and Visualization of Cultural Heritage Buildings through the Application of Geospatial Technologies
  11. Supporting People with Visual Impairments in Cultural Heritage: Survey and Future Research Directions
  12. Personalization services in art education environments: first survey results
  13. Digital survey: How it can change the way we perceive and understand heritage sites
  14. Risk, faith and religious tourism in Second Modernity: visits to Mount Athos in the COVID-19 era
  15. Interactions in Augmented and Mixed Reality: An Overview
  16. Virtual reality as a communication medium: a comparative study of forced compliance in virtual reality versus physical world
  17. Mixed Reality: A Reconsideration Based on Mixed Objects and Geospatial Modalities
  18. Editorial for Special Issue “Virtual Reality and Its Application in Cultural Heritage”
  19. Cultural Heritage Documentation: The Case Study of the Ottoman Bath in Apollonia, Greece
  20. Newness and openness in new media arts and digital performances: contextualizing Greece in the Balkan scene
  21. Εισαγωγικό σημείωμα, Τοπίο Ιστορίες, πολιτικές αναπαραστάσεις
  22. Σιτουασιονισμός και δημιουργία καταστάσεων σε ψηφιακά περιβάλλοντα τέχνης
  23. Ψυχογεωγραφία στην ψηφιακή εποχή: μια εναλλακτική θεώρηση του αστικού τοπίου
  24. Mergin’ Mode: Mixed Reality and Geoinformatics for Monument Demonstration
  25. Avatars as storytellers: affective narratives in virtual museums
  26. Special issue on virtual and mixed reality in culture and heritage
  27. Storytelling in Virtual Museums: Engaging A Multitude of Voices
  28. Exploring aspects of obedience in VR-mediated communication
  29. A Classification Model for Serious Games Used in Museums, Galleries and Other Cultural Sites
  30. Assessment of Virtual Guides’ Credibility in Virtual Museum Environments
  31. Effective Cultural Communication via Information and Communication Technologies and Social Media Use
  32. ICT in the Promotion of Arts and Cultural Heritage Education in Museums
  33. OneAppy: An Interactive Platform Providing Novel Marketing Channels and Promoting Product and Services to the Tourism Industry
  34. Mixed Reality, Gamified Presence, and Storytelling for Virtual Museums
  35. Literary Myths in Mixed Reality
  36. Investigating Body Transfer Illusion from Human to Monkey Body
  37. Leveraging Mixed Reality Technologies to Enhance Museum Visitor Experiences
  38. Metadata Standards for Virtual Museums
  39. Mixed Reality, Gamified Presence, and Storytelling for Virtual Museums
  40. Remote Synchronous Interaction in Mixed Reality Gaming Worlds
  41. Smart Tourism Routes Based on Real Time Data and Evolutionary Algorithms
  42. Exploring the educational impact of diverse technologies in online virtual museums
  43. Exploring the educational impact of diverse technologies in online virtual museums
  44. How Nonprofit Organizations in Greece Are Using Facebook as a Public Relations Tool
  45. The Use of Serious Games in Museum Visits and Exhibitions: A Systematic Mapping Study
  46. Museum education today: creative synergies and pedagogic innovations in multicultural contexts
  47. Usability Evaluation of Virtual Museums’ Interfaces Visualization Technologies
  49. Assessing Information Literacy Skills among Undergraduate Students at the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
  50. GIS of landmarks management
  51. Experiencing Personalised Heritage Exhibitions Through Multimodal Mixed Reality Interfaces
  52. Exploring the relationship between presence and enjoyment in a virtual museum
  53. Virtual museums, a survey and some issues for consideration
  54. Presence-Centered Assessment of Virtual Museums’ Technologies
  55. The evaluation of ARCO
  56. Usability Evaluation of a Virtual Museum Interface
  57. Combinatory Usability Evaluation of an Educational Virtual Museum Interface
  58. Digital Heritage Systems
  59. Digital Heritage Systems
  60. Effective Cultural Communication via Information and Communication Technologies and Social Media Use