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  1. Assimilation of Cellulose-Derived Carbon by Microeukaryotes in Oxic and Anoxic Slurries of an Aerated Soil
  2. Prerequisites for amplicon pyrosequencing of microbial methanol utilizers in the environment
  3. Methanol oxidation by temperate soils and environmental determinants of associated methylotrophs
  4. Microbial CH4 and N2O Consumption in Acidic Wetlands
  5. Impairment of cellulose- and cellobiose-degrading soil Bacteria by two acidic herbicides
  6. Organic acids and ethanol inhibit the oxidation of methane by mire methanotrophs
  7. Methanotrophe: Treibhausgasvernichtende Mikroben
  8. Metabolic responses of novel cellulolytic and saccharolytic agricultural soil Bacteria to oxygen
  9. Aerobic methanol-oxidizing Bacteria  in soil
  10. The quest for atmospheric methane oxidizers in forest soils
  11. Enterobacteriaceae facilitate the anaerobic degradation of glucose by a forest soil
  12. High abundance of Crenarchaeota in a temperate acidic forest soil
  13. Microbial community structure of sandy intertidal sediments in the North Sea, Sylt-Rømø Basin, Wadden Sea
  14. The active methanotrophic community in hydromorphic soils changes in response to changing methane concentration
  15. Abundance and activity of uncultured methanotrophic bacteria involved in the consumption of atmospheric methane in two forest soils
  16. Quantitative impact of CO2 enriched atmosphere on abundances of methanotrophic bacteria in a meadow soil
  17. Phenotypic characterization of Rice Cluster III archaea without prior isolation by applying quantitative polymerase chain reaction to an enrichment culture