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  1. Different Bacterial Populations Associated with the Roots and Rhizosphere of Rice Incorporate Plant-Derived Carbon
  2. Activity and abundance of methane-oxidizing bacteria in secondary forest and manioc plantations of Amazonian Dark Earth and their adjacent soils
  3. Microbial Diversity in Hummock and Hollow Soils of Three Wetlands on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Revealed by 16S rRNA Pyrosequencing
  4. Classification of pmoA amplicon pyrosequences using BLAST and the lowest common ancestor method in MEGAN
  5. Ammonia oxidizers are pioneer microorganisms in the colonization of new acidic volcanic soils from South of Chile
  6. Using stable isotope probing to obtain a targeted metatranscriptome of aerobic methanotrophs in lake sediment
  7. Aerobic methanotroph diversity in Riganqiao peatlands on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
  8. Chemolithotrophic nitrate-dependent Fe(II)-oxidizing nature of actinobacterial subdivision lineage TM3
  9. Autotrophic Growth of Bacterial and Archaeal Ammonia Oxidizers in Freshwater Sediment Microcosms Incubated at Different Temperatures
  10. Assimilation of acetate by the putative atmospheric methane oxidizers belonging to the USCα clade
  11. Towards “Focused” Metagenomics: A Case Study Combining DNA Stable-Isotope Probing, Multiple Displacement Amplification, and Metagenomics
  12. Ammonia oxidation coupled to CO 2 fixation by archaea and bacteria in an agricultural soil
  13. DNA-, rRNA- and mRNA-based stable isotope probing of aerobic methanotrophs in lake sediment
  14. Metagenomic Analysis of Isotopically Enriched DNA
  15. Links between methanotroph community composition and CH 4 oxidation in a pine forest soil
  16. Involvement of MmoR and MmoG in the transcriptional activation of soluble methane monooxygenase genes in Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b
  17. Enterobacteriaceae facilitate the anaerobic degradation of glucose by a forest soil
  18. The impact of burning and Calluna removal on below-ground methanotroph diversity and activity in a peatland soil
  19. Revealing the uncultivated majority: combining DNA stable-isotope probing, multiple displacement amplification and metagenomic analyses of uncultivated Methylocystis in acidic peatlands
  20. Marine methylotrophs revealed by stable-isotope probing, multiple displacement amplification and metagenomics
  21. Diversity of the active methanotrophic community in acidic peatlands as assessed by mRNA and SIP-PLFA analyses
  22. Identification of active methanotrophs in a landfill cover soil through detection of expression of 16S rRNA and functional genes
  23. Mutagenesis of the “Leucine Gate” To Explore the Basis of Catalytic Versatility in Soluble Methane Monooxygenase
  24. DNA stable-isotope probing
  25. Methodological Considerations for the Use of Stable Isotope Probing in Microbial Ecology
  26. Identification of a complete methane monooxygenase operon from soil by combining stable isotope probing and metagenomic analysis
  27. Isotopes as tools for microbial ecologists
  28. Regulation of methane oxidation in the facultative methanotroph Methylocella silvestris BL2
  29. Stable isotope probing — linking microbial identity to function
  30. Community‐Level Analysis: Key Genes of Aerobic Methane Oxidation
  31. Analysis of methanotrophic bacteria in Movile Cave by stable isotope probing