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  1. Cefdinir Microsphere modulated microflora and liver immunological response to diet induced diabetes in mice
  2. 2-[2-(4-(trifluoromethyl)phenylamino)thiazol-4-yl]acetic acid (Activator-3) is a potent activator of AMPK
  3. ERK1/2 activated PHLPP1 induces skeletal muscle ER stress through the inhibition of a novel substrate AMPK
  4. Reversal of altered gut microbiota using Gram negative antibiotics in diabetic rats
  5. Pre-Clinical Validation of Mito-Targeted Nano-Engineered Flavonoids Isolated From Selaginella bryopteris (Sanjeevani) As A Novel Cancer Prevention Strategy
  6. In Vivo Assessment of Immunogenicity and Toxicity of the Bacteriocin TSU4 in BALB/c Mice
  7. Preparation and Optimization of Moxifloxacin Microspheres for Colon Targeted Delivery Using Quality by Design Approach: In Vitro and In Vivo Study
  8. Influence of Gut Microbiota on Inflammation and Pathogenesis of Sugar Rich Diet Induced Diabetes
  9. miRNA-16 improves Insulin sensitivity
  10. Investigation of Chitosan for Prevention of Diabetic Progression Through Gut Microbiota Alteration in Sugar Rich Diet Induced Diabetic Rats
  11. Co-activator binding protein PIMT mediates TNF-α induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle via the transcriptional down-regulation of MEF2A and GLUT4
  12. Purification and Molecular Characterization of the Novel Highly Potent Bacteriocin TSU4 Produced by Lactobacillus animalis TSU4
  13. In Vitro Evaluation of Probiotic Properties of Lactic Acid Bacteria from the Gut of Labeo rohita and Catla catla
  14. Insight about bacteriocins for the treatment of bacterial diseases in fishes
  15. In Vivo Evaluation ofEclipta albaExtract as Anticancer and Multidrug Resistance Reversal Agent
  16. Cross Talk Between TLRs and NLRs in T2D
  17. Impact of Targeted Specific Antibiotic Delivery for Gut Microbiota Modulation on High-Fructose-Fed Rats
  18. Sugar Rich Diet Induced Insulin Resistance and Alteration in Gut Microflora
  19. Colicin E2 Expression in Lactobacillus brevis DT24, A Vaginal Probiotic Isolate, against Uropathogenic Escherichia coli
  20. Understanding the Role of Heat Shock Protein Isoforms in Male Fertility, Aging and Apoptosis
  21. Age associated variations in human neutrophil and sperm functioning
  22. Evaluation of Hydro-Alcoholic Extract ofEclipta albafor its Multidrug Resistance Reversal Potential: An In Vitro Study
  23. Isolation and characterization of probiotic properties of Lactobacilli isolated from rat fecal microbiota
  24. Isolation and Characterization of Probiotic Properties of Lactobacilli Isolated from Rat Fecal Microbiota
  25. Partial Purification and Characterization of a Bacteriocin DT24 Produced by Probiotic Vaginal Lactobacillus brevis DT24 and Determination of its Anti-Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Potential
  26. Bacteriocin PJ4 Active Against Enteric Pathogen Produced by Lactobacillus helveticus PJ4 Isolated from Gut Microflora of Wistar Rat (Rattus norvegicus): Partial Purification and Characterization of Bacteriocin
  27. Hydroalcoholic Extracts of Eclipta Alba as a Reversal Agent in Boric Acid Induced Male Reproductive Toxicity
  28. Evaluation of hydro-alcoholic extract of Eclipta alba for its anticancer potential: An in vitro study
  29. Antioxidant activity of seed extracts of Annona squamosa and Carica papaya
  30. In vitro antibacterial activity in seed extracts of Manilkara zapota, Anona squamosa, and Tamarindus indica
  31. Antioxidant activity of seed extracts of Annona squamosa and Carica papaya
  32. Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins: Potential Targets for Drug Discovery
  33. Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins: Potential Targets for Drug Discovery
  34. Safety evaluation of long-term vas occlusion with styrene maleic anhydride and its non-invasive reversal on accessory reproductive organs in langurs
  35. Efficacy trial on the purified compounds of the seeds of Carica papaya for male contraception in albino rat
  36. Preclinical evaluation for noninvasive reversal following long-term vas occlusion with styrene maleic anhydride in langur monkeys
  37. Ultrastructural changes in the testis and epididymis of rats following treatment with the benzene chromatographic fraction of the chloroform extract of the seeds ofCarica papaya
  38. Status of Spermatogenesis and Sperm Parameters in Langur Monkeys Following Long-term Vas Occlusion With Styrene Maleic Anhydride