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  1. Enhancing Master's Students' Learning in Strategic Communication through Interactive Online Tools
  2. Influencing Purchase Decisions of Otaku and Non-Otaku: VTubers and Streamers
  3. Chinese media narrative on Thailand's tourism after cannabis legalization
  4. Exploring the impact of online gaming influencers' credibility on purchase decisions
  5. Augmented Reality Marketing for Lipsticks
  6. Public Trust in Thailand's COVID-19 Communication: A Shift in Belief
  7. Chinese Viewers' Opinions on Fansub Videos and Sponsorship
  8. Interactive sensory art exhibition: Raising awareness for endangered elephants
  9. Working Women Benefit from 360 VR Videos for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief
  10. Overcoming Language Barriers: ENGAGE-A3 Model for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Myanmar Migrant Workers
  11. Encouraging Upcycled Fashion through DIY Tutorials for Thai Generation Z
  12. Creating a Customized HIV/AIDS Awareness Model for Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand
  13. Dengue fever awareness in Thailand: The role of media and community programs
  14. Dating apps and substance use among Thai men who have sex with men
  15. Improving HIV/AIDS education for Burmese migrants in Thailand: Public health officers' perspective
  16. Developing a Comprehensive Evaluation Framework for Thai Government Websites