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  1. Comparative heat transfer analysis on Fe3 O4-H2O and Fe3O4-Cu-H2O flow inside a tilted square porous cavity with shape effects
  2. Comparative heat transfer analysis of γ- Al2O3−C2H6O2 and γ- Al2O3−H2O electroconductive nanofluids in a saturated porous square cavity with Joule dissipation and heat source/sink effects
  3. Computation of non-similar solution for magnetic pseudoplastic nanofluid flow over a circular cylinder with variable thermophysical properties and radiative flux
  4. Influence of Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink on Unsteady Chemically Reacting Nanofluid Flow over a Cone and Plate
  5. Cross Diffusion Effects on Heat and Mass Transfer Micropolar Fluid Flow Past a Stretching Surface
  6. Significance of Buoyancy, Velocity Index and Thickness of an Upper Horizontal Surface of a Paraboloid of Revolution: The Case of Non-Newtonian Carreau Fluid
  7. Unsteady Flow of Chemically Reacting Nanofluid over a Cone and Plate with Heat Source/Sink
  8. Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Flow Past a Slendering Stretching Surface with Thermophoresis and Brownian Motion
  9. Chemically Reacting Unsteady Flow of Nanofluid over a Cone and Plate with Activation Energy
  10. Heat generating/absorbing and chemically reacting Casson fluid flow over a vertical cone and flat plate saturated with non-Darcy porous medium
  11. Casson fluid flow over a vertical cone with non-uniform heat source/sink and high order chemical reaction
  12. Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Casson Fluid Flow over a Vertical Cone and Flat Plate with Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink