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  1. A Note on the Significance of Quartic Autocatalysis Chemical Reaction on the Motion of Air Conveying Dust Particles
  2. Magneto Jeffrey Nanofluid Bioconvection over a Rotating Vertical Cone due to Gyrotactic Microorganism
  3. Influence of Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink on Unsteady Chemically Reacting Nanofluid Flow over a Cone and Plate
  4. Two-Phase Flow of Dusty Casson Fluid with Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux and Heat Source Past a Cone, Wedge and Plate
  5. Significance of Buoyancy, Velocity Index and Thickness of an Upper Horizontal Surface of a Paraboloid of Revolution: The Case of Non-Newtonian Carreau Fluid
  6. Buoyancy Effects on MHD Unsteady Convection of a Radiating Chemically Reacting Fluid Past a Moving Porous Vertical Plate in a Binary Mixture
  7. Effects of Lorentz Force on the boundary layer flow on melting surface of a paraboloid of revolution
  8. Aligned Magnetic Field Effect on Radiative Bioconvection Flow Past a Vertical Plate with Thermophoresis and Brownian Motion
  9. Motion of Williamson Fluid over an Upper Horizontal Surface of a Paraboloid of Revolution due to Partial Slip and Buoyancy: Boundary Layer Analysis
  10. Numerical Exploration of Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux and Mass Transfer in Magnetohydrodynamic Flow over Various Geometries
  11. Melting Heat Transfer and Induced-Magnetic Field Effects on the Micropolar Fluid Flow towards Stagnation Point: Boundary Layer Analysis
  12. Theoretical Exploration of Exponential Heat Source and Thermal Stratification Effects on The Motion of 3-Dimensional Flow of Casson Fluid Over a Low Heat Energy Surface at Initial Unsteady Stage
  13. MHD Casson fluid flow over surface with variable thickness
  14. Bioconvection in MHD nanofluid flow with nonlinear thermal radiation and quartic autocatalysis chemical reaction past an upper surface of a paraboloid of revolution
  15. Buoyancy induced model for the flow of 36nm alumina-water nanofluid along upper horizontal surface of a paraboloid of revolution with variable thermal conductivity and viscosity
  16. Modified kinematic viscosity model for 3D-Casson fluid flow within boundary layer formed on a surface at absolute zero
  17. Thermophoresis and Brownian motion effects on MHD bioconvection of nanofluid with nonlinear thermal radiation and quartic chemical reaction past an upper horizontal surface of a paraboloid of revolution
  18. Paired Quasi-Linearization Analysis of Heat Transfer in Unsteady Mixed Convection Nanofluid Containing Both Nanoparticles and Gyrotactic Microorganisms Due to Impulsive Motion
  19. Melting heat and mass transfer in stagnation point micropolar fluid flow of temperature dependent fluid viscosity and thermal conductivity at constant vortex viscosity
  20. Double diffusive unsteady convective micropolar flow past a vertical porous plate moving through binary mixture using modified Boussinesq approximation
  21. Unequal diffusivities case of homogeneous–heterogeneous reactions within viscoelastic fluid flow in the presence of induced magnetic-field and nonlinear thermal radiation
  22. 47nm alumina–water nanofluid flow within boundary layer formed on upper horizontal surface of paraboloid of revolution in the presence of quartic autocatalysis chemical reaction
  23. Melting heat transfer effects on stagnation point flow of micropolar fluid with variable dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity at constant vortex viscosity
  24. Casson fluid flow with variable thermo-physical property along exponentially stretching sheet with suction and exponentially decaying internal heat generation using the homotopy analysis method
  25. Stagnation-Point Flow of a Jeffrey Nanofluid over a Stretching Surface with Induced Magnetic Field and Chemical Reaction
  26. Effects of thermophoresis, variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on free convective heat and mass transfer of non-darcian MHD dissipative Casson fluid flow with suction and
  27. Dynamics of Unsteady MHD Convective Flow with Thermophoresis of Particles and Variable Thermo-Physical Properties past a Vertical Surface Moving through Binary Mixture
  28. A new numerical investigation of some thermo-physical properties on unsteady MHD non-Darcian flow past an impulsively started vertical surface
  29. Heat and Mass Transfer of Upper Convected Maxwell Fluid Flow with Variable Thermo-Physical Properties over a Horizontal Melting Surface
  30. Analysis on Variable Fluid Viscosity of Non-Darcian Flow over a Moving Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Suction and Viscous Dissipation
  31. Effect of Variable Viscosity, Dufour, Soret and Thermal Conductivity on Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer of Non-Darcian Flow past Porous Flat Surface