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  1. AxOMaP : Designing FPGA-based A ppro x imate Arithmetic O perators using Ma thematical P ...
  2. Exploring ML for designing low-overhead arithmetic operator circuits.
  3. CLAppED: A Design Framework for Implementing Cross-Layer Approximation in FPGA-based Embedded Systems
  4. CLEO-CoDe: Exploiting Constrained Decoding for Cross-Layer Energy Optimization in Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
  5. Using Monte Carlo Tree Search for EDA – A Case-study with Designing Cross-layer Reliability for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
  6. Emergent design challenges for embedded systems and paths forward
  7. ReLAccS: A Multilevel Approach to Accelerator Design for Reinforcement Learning on FPGA-Based Systems
  8. MemOReL
  9. Area-Optimized Accurate and Approximate Softcore Signed Multiplier Architectures
  10. Improving the Timing Behaviour of Mixed-Criticality Systems Using Chebyshev's Theorem
  11. Reliability-Aware Resource Management in Multi-/Many-Core Systems: A Perspective Paper
  12. BOT-MICS: Bounding Time Using Analytics in Mixed-Criticality Systems
  13. ExPAN(N)D: Exploring Posits for Efficient Artificial Neural Network Design in FPGA-Based Systems
  14. Markov Chain-based Modeling and Analysis of Checkpointing with Rollback Recovery for Efficient DSE in Soft Real-time Systems
  15. CL(R)Early: An Early-stage DSE Methodology for Cross-Layer Reliability-aware Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
  16. DiSCERN: Distilling Standard-Cells for Emerging Reconfigurable Nanotechnologies
  17. Multi-objective design space exploration for system partitioning of FPGA-based Dynamic Partially Reconfigurable Systems
  18. A Hybrid Agent-based Design Methodology for Dynamic Cross-layer Reliability in Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
  19. QoS-Aware Cross-Layer Reliability-Integrated FPGA-Based Dynamic Partially Reconfigurable System Partitioning
  20. Lifetime-aware design methodology for dynamic partially reconfigurable systems
  21. CLRFrame: An Analysis Framework for Designing Cross-Layer Reliability in Embedded Systems
  22. Cross-layer fault-tolerant design of real-time systems
  23. Design and Evaluation of Reliability-oriented Task Re-Mapping in MPSoCs using Time-Series Analysis of Intermittent Faults