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  1. An overview of the SWOT analysis in India's pharmaceutical supply chain
  2. Healthcare Supply Chain System Challenges and Mitigation Measures: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Evidence
  3. Comparison of Cross-Border Reverse Logistics of a Fast Fashion Brand in China
  4. Knowledge sharing on mobile social networking: motivational drivers and influence on productivity
  5. An Analytical Hierarchy Process-based decision making for sustainable medical devices development
  6. The microbial‐killing Ag nanoparticles in food supply chain: How it was applied and what a consumer should know?
  7. Predicting E-commerce Consumers’ Loyalty Through the Lens of Protection Motivation Theory
  8. Essential Skills and Competencies for Supply Chain Professionals and Future Leaders in Asia
  9. Investigating last-mile delivery options on online shoppers experience and repurchase intention
  10. An empirical study on warehouse automated materials handling equipment adoption in Malaysian warehousing sector
  11. Transforming Malaysian On-Demand Delivery Apps for Efficient Last-Mile Delivery: A SWOT Analysis
  12. Upskilling and reskilling requirement in logistics and supply chain industry for the fourth industrial revolution
  13. Consumer perceptions of hybrid electric vehicle adoption and the green automotive market: the Malaysian evidence
  14. Big data analytics adoption: an empirical study in the Malaysian warehousing sector
  15. An inquiry on knowledge management in third-party logistics companies
  16. Usage of pedestrian bridges among the urban commuters in Kuala Lumpur: a conceptual analysis and future direction
  17. Understanding Challenges Faced in Online Teaching and Learning Among Malaysian Universities' Instructors During COVID-19 Pandemic
  18. An Overview of Logistics and Supply Chain Studies during COVID-19: Perspective from the Higher Educational Institutions
  19. Design of a Smart Safety Vest Incorporated With Metal Detector Kits for Enhanced Personal Protection
  20. Impact of knowledge management capability on supply chain management and organizational practices in logistics industry
  21. A Qualitative Case Study on the Use of Drone Technology for Stock Take Activity in a Third-Party Logistics Firm in Malaysia
  22. Bike-sharing acceptance through the lens of the theory of routine mode choice decisions
  23. Integrity of food supply chain: going beyond food safety and food quality
  24. Antecedents of blockchain technology application among Malaysian warehouse industry
  25. Purchase intention towards islamic branding
  26. A Qualitative Case Study on the Adoption of Smart Warehouse Approaches in Malaysia
  27. A Study on the Factors Influencing Green Warehouse Practice
  28. A study on the effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on Building Construction Workers
  29. Malaysian consumers' preference for green packaging
  30. Multiple linear regression modelling of parcels' distribution design factors and online shopping customer satisfaction
  31. Impacts of online social media on investment decision in Malaysia