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  1. Switching intention, WOM and quality of public transport services: A case of the Kuala Lumpur conurbation
  2. The moderating influence of brand image on consumers' adoption of QR-code e-wallets
  3. Modeling the Brand Equity and Usage Intention of QR-Code E-Wallets
  4. Knowledge sharing on mobile social networking: motivational drivers and influence on productivity
  5. How do locus of control influence business and personal success? The mediating effects of entrepreneurial competency
  6. What drives car buyers to accept a rejuvenated brand? the mediating effects of value and pricing in a consumer-brand relationship
  8. Homestay Service Experience for Tourist Satisfaction and Sustainability Amidst Covid-19 Challenges
  9. The interaction effects of adhocracy culture, work experience on information acquisition and job performance of bank salespeople
  10. The Influence of Healthcare Service Quality on Public University Students’ Satisfaction and Behavioural Intention: Moderating Role of Trust
  11. Coping with service failure and recovery in restaurant: does being religious matter?
  12. Should I suggest this YouTube clip? The impact of UGC source credibility on eWOM and purchase intention
  13. Mobile payment and e-wallet adoption in emerging economies: A systematic literature review
  14. Consumer perceptions of hybrid electric vehicle adoption and the green automotive market: the Malaysian evidence
  15. Empowering people to adopt hybrid cars via environmental attitudes and knowledge.
  16. Big data analytics adoption: an empirical study in the Malaysian warehousing sector
  17. Do work cultures help stimulate salespeople to be more proactive and deliver higher sales targets?
  18. Predicting Purchase Intention of Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Evidence from an Emerging Economy
  19. Does feeling optimistic is really a bad thing when it comes to using cash recycling ATMs?
  20. Salespeople's marketing behavior, learning-focused actions, and work outcomes in B2B banking.
  21. Bike-sharing acceptance through the lens of the theory of routine mode choice decisions
  22. The influence of leadership styles on employee engagement: The moderating effect of communication styles
  23. Moderating Role of Customer Orientation on the Link between Market Oriented Behaviors and Proactive Service Performance among Relationship Managers in the Business Banking Industry
  24. Islamic Personality Model: A Conceptual Framework
  25. Conceptualizing a Schematic Grid View of Customer Knowledge from the Johari Window's Perspective
  26. Conceptualizing the Link Between Individual Market Orientation and Proactive Service Performance
  27. The Applicability of Prophet Muhammad’s Strategies in his Battles and Campaigns in Modern Business
  28. 7P's: A Literature Review of Islamic Marketing and Contemporary Marketing Mix
  29. Conceptualizing the Islamic Personality Model
  30. Examining the Predictive Power of Leadership Competency Dimensionality in Higher Educational Institutions