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  1. Full-field energy-dispersive powder diffraction imaging using laboratory X-rays
  2. Real time chemical imaging of a working catalytic membrane reactor during oxidative coupling of methane
  3. Progress towards five dimensional diffraction imaging of functional materials under process conditions
  4. Catalytic Adventures in Space and Time Using High Energy X-rays
  5. Chemical imaging of the sulfur-induced deactivation of Cu/ZnO catalyst bodies
  6. Material specific X-ray imaging using an energy-dispersive pixel detector
  7. Imaging the continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis of nanoparticulate CeO2 at different supercritical water temperatures using in situ angle-dispersive diffraction
  8. Dark-field hyperspectral X-ray imaging
  9. Pair distribution function computed tomography
  10. Non-invasive imaging of the crystalline structure within a human tooth
  11. Noninvasive Spatiotemporal Profiling of the Processes of Impregnation and Drying within Mo/Al 2 O 3 Catalyst Bodies by a Combination of X-ray Absorption Tomography and Diagonal Offset Raman Spectroscopy
  12. Multivariate analysis of hyperspectral hard X-ray images
  13. A laboratory system for element specific hyperspectral X-ray imaging
  14. A CdTe detector for hyperspectral SPECT imaging
  15. A new approach to synchrotron energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction computed tomography
  16. Chemical Probing within Catalyst Bodies by Diagonal Offset Raman Spectroscopy
  17. Pixellated Cd(Zn)Te high-energy X-ray instrument
  18. Dynamic X-Ray Diffraction Computed Tomography Reveals Real-Time Insight into Catalyst Active Phase Evolution
  19. Closing the operando gap: The application of high energy photons for studying catalytic solids at work
  20. A synchrotron tomographic energy-dispersive diffraction imaging study of the aerospace alloy Ti 6246
  21. Chemical imaging of catalytic solids with synchrotron radiation
  22. Tomographic Energy Dispersive Diffraction Imaging To Study the Genesis of Ni Nanoparticles in 3D within γ-Al 2 O 3 Catalyst Bodies
  23. Spatiotemporal Multitechnique Imaging of a Catalytic Solid in Action: Phase Variation and Volatilization During Molybdenum Oxide Reduction
  24. Recent progress in the use of in situ X-ray methods for the study of heterogeneous catalysts in packed-bed capillary reactors
  25. An iron molybdate catalyst for methanol to formaldehyde conversion prepared by a hydrothermal method and its characterization
  26. Imaging the inside of a Continuous Nanoceramic Synthesizer under Supercritical Water Conditions Using High-Energy Synchrotron X-Radiation
  27. A Combined Multi-Technique In Situ Approach Used to Probe the Stability of Iron Molybdate Catalysts During Redox Cycling
  28. Structural evolution during the dehydration of gypsum materials
  29. On the Active Oxygen in Bulk MoO 3 during the Anaerobic Dehydrogenation of Methanol
  30. Reconstructive colour X-ray diffraction imaging – a novel TEDDI imaging method
  31. Implementation of a combined SAXS/WAXS/QEXAFS set-up for time-resolvedin situexperiments
  32. Hydrothermal/autoclave synthesis of AlPO-5: a prototype space/time study of crystallisation gradients
  33. Tomographic Energy Dispersive Diffraction Imaging as a Tool To Profile in Three Dimensions the Distribution and Composition of Metal Oxide Species in Catalyst Bodies
  34. Understanding the crystallisation of zinc phases from ion-exchanged zeolite precursors
  35. A Combined SAXS/WAXS/XAFS Setup Capable of Observing Concurrent Changes Across the Nano-to-Micrometer Size Range in Inorganic Solid Crystallization Processes
  36. An investigation of crystallite alignment and polymorphic interaction of glutamic acid using an in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction tomographic technique
  37. Redox Behavior of Fe-Mo-O Catalysts Studied by Ultrarapid In Situ Diffraction
  38. An in situ synchrotron energy-dispersive diffraction study of the hydration of oilwell cement systems under high temperature/autoclave conditions up to 130 °C
  39. Synchrotron radiation energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction analysis of salt distribution in Lépine limestone
  40. The new materials processing beamline at the SRS Daresbury, MPW6.2
  41. The paste hydration of brownmillerite with and without gypsum: a time resolved synchrotron diffraction study at 30, 70, 100 and 150 °C
  42. An in situ study of crystallisation gradients during the hydrothermal/autoclave synthesis of zeolites