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  1. Promoting sustainability in a college café by opposite-sex cashiers
  2. Do men and women present different profile photos on Facebook?
  3. Dog ownership increases attractiveness and attenuates perceptions of short-term mating strategy in cad-like men
  4. Gender differences in brand commitment, impulse buying, and hedonic consumption
  5. The effect of personality traits on private brand consumer tendencies
  6. Need for cognition as a predictor of store brand preferences
  7. Guitar increases male facebook attractiveness: Preliminary support for the sexual selection theory of music
  8. Problem gambling: an outcome of a life history strategy
  9. Sex differences in parental reaction to pediatric illness
  10. The Terminal Investment Hypothesis and Age-related Differences in Female Preference for Dads vs. Cads
  11. The effect of individualism on private brand perception: a cross‐cultural investigation
  12. Lower parental investment in stepchildren: The case of the Israeli "Great Journey."
  13. Maternal Adaptation to Pediatric Illness: A Personal Vulnerability Model
  14. Maternal adaptation to pediatric neurosurgical diagnosis: A growth curve analysis