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  1. Low Level Grasp Controller for Slippage and Deformation Prevention exploiting Deep Reinforcement Learning
  2. Object Stiffness Discrimination from Fingertip Forces
  3. Real-Time Surface EMG-based Recognition of Finger Movements
  4. Motion Planning using Reinforcement Learning for Serial Manipulators
  5. Grasp Synergies in Activities of Daily Living: A Cross-sectional Study using a Multi-sensory Data Glove
  6. Enhancing label transfer in non-parametric scene parsing by superpixel-based dense alignment
  7. Non-Assembly 3-D Printed Anthropomorphic Hand Prosthesis for Low-Income Countries
  8. Exploring the usefulness of Object Affordances through a Knowledge based Reinforcement Learning Agent
  9. A Temporal Activity Graph Kernel for Human Activity Classification
  10. Object Affordance Driven Inverse Reinforcement Learning Through Conceptual Abstraction and Advice
  11. An insight into assistive technology for the visually impaired and blind people: state-of-the-art and future trends
  12. Estimation of Mental Fatigue During EEG Based Motor Imagery
  13. O-PrO: An Ontology for Object Affordance Reasoning
  14. Comprehensive Representation and Efficient Extraction of Spatial Information for Human Activity Recognition from Video Data
  15. cBDI: Towards an Architecture for Human–Machine Collaboration
  16. EMG Feature Set Selection Through Linear Relationship for Grasp Recognition
  17. Bispectral Analysis of EEG for Emotion Recognition
  18. cBDI-based Collaborative Control for a Robotic Wheelchair
  19. Intent Recognition in a Generalized Framework for Collaboration
  20. Multiple Feature Extraction of Electroencephalograph Signal for Motor Imagery Classification through Bispectral Analysis
  21. Qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning over diagrams for activity recognition
  22. Combining diagrammatic reasoning with qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning for motion event detection
  23. A description logic based QSTR framework for recognizing motion patterns from spatio-temporal data
  24. Jaipur foot gait control through a predictive controller
  25. A Dataset of Online Handwritten Assamese
  26. Model predictive control for finger joint trajectory of TU Biomimetic hand
  27. A New Pattern-Based Flexible Approach for Maintaining a Constrained Workflow
  28. An MEBN framework as a dynamic firewall's knowledge flow architecture
  29. Bispectrum analysis of EEG for motor imagery classification
  30. Development of an electromyographic controlled biomimetic prosthetic hand
  31. IntelliNavi: Navigation for Blind Based on Kinect and Machine Learning
  32. Towards electromyogram-based grasps classification
  33. A topological calculus for firewalls
  34. Model checking a firewall for anomalies
  35. Recognition of motion events of directed points using a language based framework
  36. Formal concept analysis: current trends and directions
  37. Exploring a family of wavelet transforms for EMG-based grasp recognition
  38. A biomimetic similarity index for prosthetic hands
  39. A rule relation calculus for verification and validation of firewalls
  40. A framework for recognition of motion events using qualitative knowledge
  41. Completion of qualitative spatio-temporal explanations using context
  42. A Two Layered Control Architecture for Prosthetic Grasping
  43. An Application of Defeasible Logic Programming for Firewall Verification and Reconfiguration
  44. Development of A Biomimetic Prosthetic Finger
  45. Local Hand Control for Tezpur University Bionic Hand Grasping
  46. Solving a Maze: Experimental Exploration on Wayfinding Behavior for Cognitively Enhanced Collaborative Control
  47. Composing and Maintaining a Pattern-Based Workflow as a Constraint Graph
  48. Classification of motor imagery based on hybrid features of bispectrum of EEG
  49. Motor imagery based BCI for a maze game
  50. Development of Cost Effective EMG Controlled Three Fingered Robotic Hand
  51. Qualitative directions in egocentric spatial reference frame
  52. Electromyographic Grasp Recognition for a Five Fingered Robotic Hand
  53. Bispectrum analysis of EEG for motor imagery based BCI
  54. Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Representation and Reasoning
  55. Recognition of grasp types through principal components of DWT based EMG features
  56. Learning rules of a card game from video
  57. Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning: Emerging Applications, Trends, and Directions
  58. Bispectrum analysis of EEG during observation and imagination of hand movement
  59. Bispectrum Analysis of EEG in Estimation of Hand Movement
  60. Wavelet Selection for EMG Based Grasp Recognition through CWT
  61. Classification of Grasp Types through Wavelet Decomposition of EMG Signals
  62. Security Pattern Lattice: A Formal Model to Organize Security Patterns
  63. Enhanced Shape Context for Object Recognition
  64. Pattern Mining as Abduction from Snapshots to Spatio-temporal Patterns
  65. Pattern Mining as Abduction: From Snapshots to Spatio-Temporal Sequential Patterns
  66. Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Continuity
  67. Landmark-Based Shape Context for Handwritten Digit Recognition
  68. Qualitative Pre-Processing for Semantic Search of Unstructured Knowledge
  69. Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
  70. Towards an Architecture for Cognitive Vision Using Qualitative Spatio-temporal Representations and Abduction