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  1. Understanding How National CSIRTs Evaluate Cyber Incident Response Tools and Data: Findings from Focus Group Discussions
  2. Cyber Security and Online Safety Education in UK Schools: What Twitter Data Reveals
  3. Proof of Swarm Based Ensemble Learning for Federated Learning Applications
  4. A Survey of User Perspectives on Security and Privacy in a Home Networking Environment
  5. "You Just Assume It Is In There, I Guess": Understanding UK Families' Application and Knowledge of Smart Home Cyber Security
  6. “It was hard to find the words”: Using an Autoethnographic Diary Study to Understand the Difficulties of Smart Home Cyber Security Practices
  7. Detecting cyber security related Twitter accounts and different sub-groups
  8. A solution towards large-scale modeling and simulation of human performance tasks
  9. Building Taxonomies based on Human-Machine Teaming