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  1. PassViz: An Interactive Visualisation System for Analysing Leaked Passwords
  2. The Impact of Privacy and Security Attitudes and Concerns of Travellers on Their Willingness to Use Mobility-as-a-Service Systems
  3. Cyber Security and Online Safety Education in UK Schools: What Twitter Data Reveals
  4. Visualising Personal Data Flows: Insights from a Case Study of
  5. Cyber Security Risks of Net Zero Technologies
  6. A solution towards large-scale modeling and simulation of human performance tasks
  7. Exploiting Behavioral Side Channels in Observation Resilient Cognitive Authentication Schemes
  8. Designing for the next generation of augmented books
  9. Cognitive Modeling for Automated Human Performance Evaluation at Scale
  10. Introduction
  11. Designing for the next generation of augmented books
  12. Example Applications of CogTool+
  13. Integration of Behavioral Data
  14. Conclusion and Future Work
  15. Review of Cognitive Modeling Software Tools
  16. Large-Scale Human Performance Modeling Framework
  17. Cognitive Approaches to Human Computer Interaction
  18. Human-Generated and Machine-Generated Ratings of Password Strength: What Do Users Trust More?
  19. The Cornwall a-book: An Augmented Travel Guide Using Next Generation Paper
  20. Next generation paper: an augmented book platform
  21. When Eye-Tracking Meets Cognitive Modeling: Applications to Cyber Security Systems
  22. PSV (Password Security Visualizer): From Password Checking to User Education
  23. Quality of interaction experience in stereoscopic 3D TV
  24. Facilitating interaction with stereoscopic 3D display devices
  25. Investigation and evaluation of pointing modalities for interactive stereoscopic 3D TV
  26. Impact of disparity error on user experience of interacting with stereoscopic 3D video content
  27. How do users select stereoscopic 3D content?
  28. User Requirements Elicitation of Stereoscopic 3D Video Interaction
  29. Analysis of User Requirements in Interactive 3D Video Systems
  30. X-ray powder diffraction studies of multipyrazole series compounds