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  1. Pretreated Graphite Pencil Electrode Based Voltammetric Sensing of Albendazole
  2. Kinetics and Mechanism of Cerium(IV) Oxidation of Fosfomycin Disodium Salt: An Antibiotic Drug in Acid Perchlorate Solutions
  3. Electroanalytical method for the determination of 5-fluorouracil using a reduced graphene oxide/chitosan modified sensor
  4. MWCNT–CTAB modified glassy carbon electrode as a sensor for the determination of paracetamol
  5. Electro-oxidation of captopril at a gold electrode and its determination in pharmaceuticals and human fluids
  6. Binding and conformational changes of human serum albumin upon interaction with 4-aminoantipyrine studied by spectroscopic methods and cyclic voltammetry
  7. Electrochemical behavior of paclitaxel and its determination at glassy carbon electrode
  8. Simultaneous electrochemical determination of 4-aminophenazone and caffeine at electrochemically pre-treated graphite pencil electrode
  9. Electrochemical characterization and determination of paclitaxel drug using graphite pencil electrode
  10. Electrochemical response of hydroxyurea by different voltammetric techniques at carbon paste electrode
  11. Electrochemical Behavior of 4-Aminophenazone Drug at a Graphite Pencil Electrode and Its Application in Real Samples
  12. Mechanism of Oxidation of Xylitol by a New Oxidant, Diperiodatoargentate (III), in Aqueous Alkaline Medium
  13. Oxidation of xylitol by a silver(iii) periodate complex in the presence of osmium(viii) as a homogeneous catalyst