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  1. Indigenous Food Systems: Concepts, Cases, and Conversations
  2. Sowing the seeds of resilience: a case study of community-based Indigenous seed conservation from Andhra Pradesh, India
  3. Indigenous knowledges and perspectives on traditional food systems from Canada
  4. Indigenous food knowledges and voices in enhancing food security in Irigwe Community from Nigeria
  5. Indigenous agricultural knowledge in schools for community food security in India
  6. Researching on Indigenous Knowledge: Community-Based Participatory Case Study on Intergenerational Transmission of Traditional Medicinal Plant Knowledge
  7. The Odyssey of Oral History Interviewing in Community-Based Action Research: Exploring Indigenous Knowledges and Food Sovereignty in Fisher River, Manitoba, Canada
  8. Strategies for Self-organization: Learning from a Village-level Community-based Conservation Initiative in India
  9. Becoming A Traditional Medicinal Plant Healer: Divergent Views of Practicing and Young Healers on Traditional Medicinal Plant Knowledge Skills in India
  10. Indigenous Community-based approaches to medicinal plant conservation