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  1. Affordable Wearable Devices with Low-Latency Wireless Communication
  2. Design of Head-Up Display Interfaces for Automated Vehicles
  3. How can we correctly interpret the measurements taken with a 3D gyroscope?
  4. Profit: The Cause of Crisis in Capitalism
  5. SmartSKI: Application of Sensors Integrated into Sport Equipment
  6. Identification and Selection of Sensors Suitable for Integration into Sport Equipment: Smart Golf Club
  7. Evaluation of Smartphone Inertial Sensor Performance for Cross-Platform Mobile Applications
  8. Suitability of Smartphone Inertial Sensors for Real-Time Biofeedback Applications
  9. Biofeedback in sport: Challenges in real-time motion tracking and processing
  10. Spatial Auditory Human-Computer Interfaces
  11. Introduction
  12. Sorting Networks on Maxeler Dataflow Supercomputing Systems
  13. Auditory Interfaces
  14. Spatial Sound
  15. Spatial Auditory Interfaces
  16. Time- and Computation-Efficient Calibration of MEMS 3D Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
  17. 3D audio in human-computer interfaces
  18. Performance of the bitonic mergesort network on a Dataflow computer
  19. Ontologies
  20. Introduction
  21. Concepts, Ontologies, and Knowledge Representation
  22. Angle Estimation of Simultaneous Orthogonal Rotations from 3D Gyroscope Measurements
  23. Fast file existence checking in archiving systems
  24. Off-resonance frequency filtered magnetic resonance imaging
  25. Methodology for Written and Oral Presentation of Research Results
  26. Long term evolution: Towards 4th generation of mobile telephony and beyond
  27. Characterizing Graphical Desktop Sharing System's Workload in Collaborative Virtual Environments
  28. An elevation coding method for auditory displays
  29. Spatial Auditory Interface for an Embedded Communication Device in a Car
  30. Spectral Efficiency
  31. Multiple Access Techniques
  32. Mimo
  33. Mobile Communications
  34. IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS)
  35. Concept Modeling and Its Application to Patent Modeling
  36. 2.5 Gbit/s PRBS Generator and Checker
  37. Spatial sound localization in an augmented reality environment
  38. Fast frequency selective MR imaging
  39. Directional information in head related transfer functions
  40. MRI mapping of microvascular permeability and tissue blood volume
  41. Techniques for performance improvement of VoIP applications
  42. A model of impulse noise in digital subscriber loop