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  1. Use of Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis to Design Safer Opioid Prescribing Processes
  2. Improving health care quality and safety: the role of collective learning
  3. National Hospital Ratings Systems Share Few Common Scores And May Generate Confusion Instead Of Clarity
  4. The Effectiveness of Management‐By‐Walking‐Around: A Randomized Field Study
  5. Attention to surgery missing in ACO
  6. When do leaders matter? Ownership, governance and the influence of CEOs on firm performance
  7. Safety in Numbers
  8. Effect of a Multipayer Patient-Centered Medical Home on Health Care Utilization and Quality
  9. Examining Implementation of a Patient Activation and Self-management Intervention Within the Context of an Effectiveness Trial
  10. The time is now for action research
  11. From striving to thriving
  12. Reducing Hospital Errors: Interventions that Build Safety Culture
  13. Patient Perceptions of Integrated Care Survey
  14. An Exploration of Safety Climate in Nursing Homes
  15. Strained Local And State Government Finances Among Current Realities That Threaten Public Hospitals' Profitability
  16. The cultural complexity of medical groups
  17. Entrepreneurship, culture, knowledge, and learning
  18. Implementing Accountable Care Organizations
  19. Design and Evaluation of Simulation Scenarios for a Program Introducing Patient Safety, Teamwork, Safety Leadership, and Simulation to Healthcare Leaders and Managers
  20. Effective Surgical Safety Checklist Implementation
  21. A case for safety leadership team training of hospital managers
  22. A Conceptual Model for Assessing Quality of Care for Patients Boarding in the Emergency Department: Structure-Process-Outcome
  23. Perceptions of Hospital Safety Climate and Incidence of Readmission
  24. Factors associated with effective implementation of a surgical safety checklist
  25. Comparing safety climate in naval aviation and hospitals
  26. Identifying organizational cultures that promote patient safety
  27. Comparing Safety Climate between Two Populations of Hospitals in the United States
  28. Relationship of Safety Climate and Safety Performance in Hospitals
  29. Patient Safety Climate in 92 US Hospitals
  30. Patient Safety Climate in US Hospitals
  31. Front‐Line Staff Perspectives on Opportunities for Improving the Safety and Efficiency of Hospital Work Systems
  33. An Overview of Patient Safety Climate in the VA
  34. Improving Patient Safety by Taking Systems Seriously
  35. Workforce Perceptions of Hospital Safety Culture: Development and Validation of the Patient Safety Climate in Healthcare Organizations Survey
  36. Who Searches the Internet for Health Information?
  37. Health Care Financing and Information Technology: A Historical Perspective
  38. Free Internet Access, the Digital Divide, and Health Information
  39. Consumer Demand for Health Information on the Internet
  40. Differences in Safety Climate between Hospital Personnel and Naval Aviators
  41. Use of the Internet and E-mail for Health Care Information
  42. Cosmetic vs Reconstructive Surgery for Cleft Palate: A Window Into the Medical Necessity Debate
  43. Health Care and Information Technology: Growing Up Together
  44. Structural Problems of Managed Care in California and Some Options for Ameliorating Them
  45. In Loco Parentis? The Purchaser Role in Managed Care
  46. Determinants of Successful Frontline Process Improvement: Action versus Analysis
  47. Operational Failures and Problem Solving: An Empirical Study of Incident Reporting
  48. Managerial Practices that Promote Voice and Taking Charge Among Frontline Workers