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  1. A New Approach to the Optimization of the Austenite Stability of Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steels
  2. µ-CT Investigation of Hydrogen-Induced Cracks and Segregation Effects in Austenitic Stainless Steel
  3. Influence of heat treatment parameters on the carbide morphology of PM high‐speed steel HS 6‐5‐3‐8
  4. Impact of Thermophysical Properties of High-Alloy Tool Steels on Their Performance in Re-Purposing Applications
  5. Statistical characterization of segregation-driven inhomogeneities in metallic microstructures employing fast first-order variograms
  6. A Computer-aided calculation for mechanical properties of tool steels
  7. Hot Wear of Single Phase fcc Materials—Influence of Temperature, Alloy Composition and Stacking Fault Energy
  8. Uncovering process-structure relationships associated to the hot isostatic pressing of the high-speed steel PMHS 3-3-4 through novel microstructural characterization methods
  9. Improvements on the recovery of 3D particle size distributions from 2D sections
  10. Microstructural Analysis of Powder Metallurgy Tool Steels in the Context of Abrasive Wear Behavior: A New Computerized Approach to Stereology
  11. Mesoscale fracture of a bearing steel: A discrete crack approach on static and quenching problems