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  1. Redesigning global supply chains during compounding geopolitical disruptions: the role of supply chain logics
  2. Guest editorialEmerging technologies in emergency situations
  3. Who Takes Risks? A Framework on Organizational Risk‐Taking During Sudden‐Onset Disasters
  4. Geopolitical disruptions and the manufacturing location decision in multinational company supply chains: a Delphi study on Brexit
  5. Buyer–supplier collaboration during emerging technology development
  6. Stakeholder engagement in a sustainable sales and operations planning process
  7. Managing supply chain uncertainty arising from geopolitical disruptions: evidence from the pharmaceutical industry and brexit
  8. Determining the antecedents of dynamic supply chain capabilities
  9. Determining how internal and external process connectivity affect supply chain agility: a life-cycle theory perspective
  10. The microfoundations of an operational capability in digital manufacturing
  11. Understanding the emergence of redistributed manufacturing: an ambidexterity perspective
  12. Green human resource management and the enablers of green organisational culture: Enhancing a firm's environmental performance for sustainable development
  13. Dynamic supply chain capabilities
  14. The social preferences of local citizens and spontaneous volunteerism during disaster relief operations
  15. Developing eco-innovations: a three-stage typology of supply networks
  16. Owning the consumer—Getting to the core of the Apple business model
  17. Supply chain segmentation in the sporting goods industry